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The Hard-Boiled Heavies Appreciation Topic

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The Heavies were really great villains IMO. My personal favorite was Heavy Gunner, both design-wise and in terms of how the fight goes. But how can you not love the whole gimmick behind Heavy Magician? What a great way to bring Bean, Bark, and Fang into the game. And as others have said, I like how Heavy King doesn't steal the show from Eggman, despite betraying him (which I'm pretty sure only happened because of the Ruby). They seem like they'd be a bit out of place in modern Sonic games and I don't think they should show up in Forces, but if the Mania series is continued, I hope they show up again.

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I love them all, they are all great design

If I had to pick... I'd probably go with the Heavy King himself


Because he has two amazing boss fights, the Lava Reef one and the Super Sonic one

And his design is so freaking cool

REALLY hope they'll bring them back again in the future because they are too much amazing to only appear in one game

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I really really hope the HBH return in a future Sonic game. How great would it be to see 3D models of them!? 

My favorites were Heavy Gunner and Heavy Shinobi, because I found their boss fights to be the most fun and not too easy either.

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