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Sonic remix galore, and more. By me, Pauly B!

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Hi guys! I'm Pauly B! I'm known for a few things. I'm a professional wrestler on the local independent circuit for one. But that's not why I'm here. Been a fan of Sonic since I was 3 (28 now). I've been wanting to join Sonic Stadium for a long time. For some reason I never had a chance until now.


So why join Sonic Stadium? Well, I'd like to meet and mingle with the fandom. Always nice to have common ground in meeting new people. But that's not all, is it? No it's not, no it's not. And with that you are probably asking why this matters?


I've been remixing Sonic music since 2006. A lot of you old-school internet fans might know me as Paul Stetich from Newgrounds. I underwent a name change, and after six years of being on hiatus from producing, I'm finally getting back to it as of a few months ago. It's always been a secret dream of mine to one day write music for actual SEGA games. I wouldn't know where to begin, as I've spoken with a few names from the Sonic series such as Ted Poley and Tony Harnell. Didn't really accomplish much, but that doesn't mean that I'm ready to give up, especially after so long. Especially since I've got plans brewing in the old noggin'


Please, hear me out. Spread the word. And if you like what you hear, or don't, feel free to let me know in a review or a message of some sort. Honesty and support gets everybody far. Click on the links below to get to know me


Music - http://paulybfromda303.newgrounds.com/audio

Facebook - http://facebook.com/paulybfromda303


Thank you guys for your time. Here's to new friendships

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[80] Sonic Unleashed - Cool Edge (Day)

Length: 4:38    Style: Drum N Bass


Hi guys! If you've seen my status updates here on the SSMB, this is what I've been working on. I made this remix of a Christmas-y Sonic level, just in time for Christmas. Don't worry there's no corny caroling in this one but I did use jingle bells and other sorts of bells. I added a few other instruments that made it sound a little winter-like too. Here's a hint. Imagine when the song starts that Sonic is standing atop a glacier looking over an icy village about to start a speedrun.


I had so much fun making this one I've tried new things, and even customized my own drum kit to make this. I never knew I could do that! And of course more customized instruments to fit in with the environment, so to say. This had an amazing turnout I think and I'm really looking forward to sharing this with the public.


Please, feel free to give some reviews here. I want to know what YOU think. After all, it was this group that added much needed inspiration for this track. Feel free to share it and spread the word. Oh, and BTW the downloads are free. I do this for fun, not profit. Thank you guys so much.

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[81] Sonic 2 GG - Aqua Lake

Length: 6:45/ Speed: 174 BPM/ Measures: 277/ Loops: 29/ Time taken: 25 days/ Style: Drum N' Bass

This one was SO MUCH FUN to make! I learned how to make that wah-wah effect like you hear in many dubstep songs. Don't worry, it's still drum n' bass. Brought back some favorite instruments. created all new ones. Out of 12 instrument slots 8 of them were my creations. It's one of the most frustrating and yet coolest parts of making music.

This one took about three weeks to make. Took a lot of studying and learning functions and just detail work. I hope you guys like it. Give it a review, a vote, and if you're feeling brave a download. Thanks for the listen!

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[82] Robotnik's MBM - Exercise

Time: 7:20//Style: Drum n' Bass//Speed: 180 BPM//Measures: 329//Loops: 29//Time taken: 13 days

Here's my take on a childhood favorite, and a track I'd always wanted to remix

It's officially the longest track on my file, beating my old record by ten seconds! Sure was a blast making this one. I've discovered new synth styles, made more of my own instruments. I threw so much in here. I only have room for 16 instrument slots and I used 15. I do think I could've added a little more, and I tried not to make it too repetitive. I'm actually very proud of how this one turned out.

Give a vote, download, share, subscribe for you Newgrounders. Thank you for the listen!

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[83] Sonic R - Livin' In Da City

Length: 7:13//Style: Drum'n'Bass//Speed: 174 BPM//Measures: 314//Loops: 34//Time taken: 24 days

My first round audition for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch 2017. I got a little inspiration from artists like London Elektricity and Tantrum Desire. It all started with a cool beat that randomly popped into my head, which ended up being the intro into the chorus. As that's how songs usually start anyway. Then I was listening around for something that could possibly fit. I've wanted to do a vocal where I'm NOT the one singing. That's when I found a vocals-only version of Living In The City, and everything just kinda molded together after that.

With this piece I learned a lot about clipping. I know, it's not perfectly edited out but I did the best I could. I've learned new functions on my editing program Audacity like this one called Paulstretch, which I was only curious as my name used to be PaulStetich so I was awfully, awfully suspicious. Turns out it was just what I needed for such parts as the ending and the cool reverb effects that go along with it. I played with more math when it came to the synth. Something different, something I dig. I had a blast making this, and I hope the end results show it in all of your eyes (er, ears, I guess)

Lot of fun making this. Big thanks to my friend Chiafriend12 from Reddit for helping me out with the vocals, my friends on Sonic Stadium for the support, and all my fans for tuning in! Hope you like it, and here's to luck

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Much appreciated guys. I hope its enough to make it to the top 16 of this contest. Grand prize is $2,500 and tons of exposure. Facebook doesn't seem to be biting any. Lol

I do have good news that my entry was accepted and is under judgement. With just a week until the deadline, my entry makes #185 of auditions. And there's more coming in already. There's only gonna be 16 after this

Edited by PaulyBFromDa303
This just in . . .

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Update on this one: I'm currently being featured this week on the Newgrounds main homepage! Guys, I have you to thank for the listens, downloads and ratings. This will be my first appearance on the main page in 2017, and 7th total. One step closer to the dream, right? 


You can get the free mp3 download here: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/753941

Also, I owe thanks to @The Deleter for getting this up on YouTube to stream for the Motobug 2/Sonic 26 anniversary event coming up. I'll find a way to get this on my page, in the meantime check this out

Thanks again everybody. Time to keep bumpin' away. 

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[85] Final Fantasy 8 - Battle

Length: 6:05//Speed: 187 BPM//Style: Drum n' Bass//Measures: 228// Loops: 29//Time taken: 10 weeks

One of my favorite all time games, good gameplay and wonderful soundtrack. So cool, that I remixed the battle theme. I decided to raise the tensity by making it Drum N Bass and adding an assortment of orchestral instruments. This one was also a challenge, as I had to create a song with 5-count measures as opposed to the regular 4 or even more popular 3. I tried to make everything work perfect

The feel I wanted for this one was action, Action, ACTION!!! A fierce battle deserves a fierce theme, right? And I really tried to grab that cinematic feel like a wild car chase or a firefight. I watched a whole lot of my favorite TV series, 24, as I was making this. Turns out that sometimes it can produce good ideas. Who knew?

This one took a couple of attempts to make, over the course of about three months. I've been through 2 laptops for this one, which meant that once my first one got blue-screened, I had to start all over from scratch. Luckily, I've got good memory and could recreate exactly what I had before. I do hope you like this one. I worked so hard on it. And I've always wanted to do a FF remix so, here we go!

Please, honesty and integrity are key. Let me know what you liked, what you didn't like, etc. etc. Thank you


Oh, and FYI, the download is FREE


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Hello everyone! Welcome to my official music/Q&A topic of Sonic Stadium’s Message Boards! Yeah, I’m still here, and somehow I’ve managed to become one of the SSMB family. I appreciate that. It’s great to be amongst a good group of nerds such as myself, especially since we all love Sonic.

So a lot of you already know, I write and remix music, mostly pertaining to our blue haired hero, but there’s a lot of other stuff too. At this point, I’ve now published 86 songs, 54 of which are Sonic-related, 16 are other video games, and 16 complete originals. I’ve been doing this since 2006. Those of you who might have known me back then would know the name Paul Stetich (for the record it was my mom’s maiden, may she R.I.P., in 2013 I decided to change my name into something more realistic, and something that also tied into my wrestling character. Yeah, I’m a professional wrestler too).

You may have heard my music in some early JonTron episodes, in various YouTube Poops, and a few more minor playthrough videos. I’ve been a mainstay on Newgrounds this entire time, though my brightest years were definitely 2008-2009. It was unfortunate that in 2010, my psychotic former roommate destroyed my equipment over an argument, and since times were tough I couldn’t afford to come back. I took a six year hiatus from making music, though it gave me time to focus on wrestling (I’ve appeared on Canadian national television, following Bret Hart’s act). Just coming back to it last summer, I’ve now made 10 since then, and 7 since coming to SSMB.

It’s been a dream of mine since I started this journey, to one day work for SEGA, writing music for them. It’s a tough process, most people in that industry don’t respond to just anybody apparently. But I’ve put together a profile, and I’m ready to take the next step. So here’s what I’m going to do.

Below is a list of my entire collected works, excluding my newest piece (we’ll get to that later). I’m going to put on a concert for you guys. I’m going to pick out my TOP TEN, and highlight them BOLD GREEN. These will also be in the profile I send out wherever. And just for fun, because this IS a Sonic board, I’ll go ahead and sort them out for you by game too. And of course, you can view my full list at http://paulybfromda303.newgrounds.com/audio and ALL DOWNLOADS ARE FREE. I don't get paid. Yet.



[11] Sonic 1 – Green Hills

[14] Sonic 1 – Green Hills, Act 2

[45] Sonic 1 – Metal Marbles

[31] Sonic 1 – Scrap Brain

[64] Sonic 1 – Final Boss

[07] Sonic 2 – Chemical Plant

[04] Sonic 2 – Mystic Cave

[46] Sonic 2 – Aquatic Ruin

[74] Sonic 2 – India’s Oil

[66] Sonic 2 – Sky Chase

[18] Sonic 2 – Boss

[48] Sonic 2 GG – Sky High

[81] Sonic 2 GG – Aqua Lake

[03] Sonic 3 – Hydrocity Velocity

[05] Sonic 3 – Rock Garden

[01] Sonic 3 – Ice Cap

[71] Sonic 3 – Ice Cap, Act 2

[40] Sonic 3 – Launch Base

[23] Sonic 3 – Boss

[29] Sonic & Knux – Flying Battery

[06] Sonic & Knux – Lava Reef

[35] Sonic & Knux – Sky Sanctuary

[50] Sonic & Knux – Death Egg

[10] Sonic & Knux – Boss

[54] Sonic & Knux – Final Boss

[69] Sonic Spinball – Toxic Rave

[82] Robotnik’s MBM - Exercise

[79] Sonic CD – Stardust Showdown

[67] Sonic 3DB – Rusty Ruins

[19] Sonic 3DB – Boss (PC)

[83] Sonic R – Livin’ In Da City

[42] Sonic R – Supersonic Racing

[53] Sonic Advance – Angel Island

[17] Sonic A2B – Pumpkin Hill (ft. Rythim-Man)

[09] Sonic Advance 2 – Music Plant

[43] Sonic Advance 2 – Sky Canyon

[44] Sonic Advance 2 – True Area 53

[57] Sonic Heroes – Grand Metropolis

[30] Sonic Heroes – Power Plant

[28] Sonic Heroes – Frog Forest

[60] Sonic Heroes – Mystic Mansion

[52] Sonic Heroes – Final Fortress

[12] Sonic Advance 3 – Sunset Hill

[02] Sonic Advance 3 – Cyber Track

[33] Sonic Advance 3 – Chaos Angel

[26] Sonic Advance 3 – Final Boss

[38] Sonic Advance 3 – Nonagression

[58] Shadow - Westopolis

[47] Sonic ’06 – His World

[56] Super Smash Bros Brawl – Boss

[80] Sonic Unleashed – Cool Edge (Day)

[84] Sonic Unleashed – Perfect Dark Gaia

[77] Sonic Colors – Planet Wisp (with a W)



[08] Willy Wonka’s Prison

[13] Victim Of Love

[16] Mysterious Darkness

[20] Run For Your Life 

[27] State Of Mind

[37] Nothing In Return

[41] Rundown

[49] PHW – Horror Squad

[55] Chill Wave

[59] Medieval Mobius

[61] PHW – Bong Doobie

[62] Downtown Paradise

[70] A Touch Of Destiny

[72] Quicksand Descent

[75] The Valley Of Kings

[78] Beyond The Horizon



[15] Megaman X5 – Sigma’s Rage

[21] Zelda OOT – Song Of Storms

[22] Super Mario Bros. DS – Castle

[24] Radical Rex – Forest

[25] Newgrounds – Theme

[32] Radical Rex – Swamp

[34] Pokemon RBY – Theme

[36] Super Mario 64 – Boss

[39] Pokemon MD – Stormy Sea

[51] Pokemon MD – Sky Tower

[63] Bejeweled Twist – Level 3

[65] Bejeweled Twist – Stratamax

[68] Bejeweled Twist – Level 4

[73] Tetris GB – Music A

[76] DOOM 2 – The Pit

[85] Final Fantasy 8 – Battle


Pick your poison. I don’t expect you to listen to everything. After all, there’s 86 songs and over 6 ½ hours of material. That being said, I now introduce to you to my magnum opus, this one I’m trying to make the best of my best, with every bit of music knowledge that I’ve ever used thus far.

[86] Sonic 3 – Frozen In Despair (Ice Cap)

Length: 6:28//Style: Techno//Speed: 150 BPM//Loops: 32//Measures: 243//Time Taken: 18 days

Lyrics written and performed by yours truly

What all can I say about this one? I tried my best to make this my best of all time. I threw in every bit of knowledge I’ve obtained over the years into this one piece. THIS RIGHT HERE is my Magnum Opus. But why did I work so hard on this? Couple of reasons, actually. Obviously I’m looking to get attention from the right people, and I’m making a profile to send in and maybe get actual work with it. Yes, this is also in celebration of the new game, Sonic Mania

But there’s also this one fan, Struc-semaj, who has been following me since day one. He’s heard everything I’ve got. He’s even been watching my wrestling career. That’s pretty cool. He’s seen me grow and change as a person. He notices I’ve already got two versions of Ice Cap. Yes, this here is my third installment of the legendary Sonic track. The first one was my first ever publication ever. The second one was made to commemorate my fifth year as a public musician. So he says, “I wonder, after all this time, just how much you can improve it now.” It was a challenge I unhesitantly accepted. But seeing as this is my third, and probably final remix of Ice Cap, I decided to make it interesting.

People have also been wondering why I never sing in my pieces. Yes it’s because they are remixes, but also I never know how people will take it. My vocals in the past aren’t really that great, my father usually discouraged loud noises back then as he worked from home, so getting good vocals was very difficult back then. But since then I have won many karaoke contests, and people really liked my voice, so I decided to add some lyrics to this one. Really show off what I can do. I think this is a definite improvement from my past vocals, by FAR. That and I needed filler XD

Though I put in everything I knew, all aspects I ever learned, like some LFO and pan-play as well as volume play and an assortment of special effects, I also learned a little bit more from this one. I learned how to control distortion using resonance. Super-sensitive tool, too much can be deafening and too little will be silent. I learned how to flanger LFO into interesting wavelengths as you will hear with the bass synth. I learned how to precisely edit different channels of audio and make everything pitch and volume perfect. There was a lot put into this one, more than I’ve ever done before.

This is it. Everything you need to know about me and my music, look no further than Frozen In Despair. But I will say, it only goes up from here. Big thanks to everyone for years of support, special thanks to Sonic Stadium, Struc-semaj, the Newgrounds Audio crew (heck, all of Newgrounds for that matter), and all the fans. And you, the reader of course, for the listen

LYRICS: Stranded in my glacial wasteland//I try to wave you down, but you don’t see my hand//What will it take for you to hear me, what will it take for you to care?//Your frozen heart left me to die here, frozen in despair////But so you know my will’s not broken//My fire’s growing inside, and soon I’ll be unfrozen//Will you be there when I need you, will you be the one to care?//Your frozen heart won’t even stop me, frozen in despair


Now that that’s all done, I now open the floor. Any comments about my wares? Any questions you want to fire away? Any requests you'd like me to make? Let’s hear it. And be honest. You know what they say . . . honesty and integrity are the key to improvement. You know what else they say . . . All toasters toast toast. Oh hey, add my Facebook too 

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Hi guys! I'm super proud to announce that [86] Sonic 3 - Frozen In Despair (Ice Cap) is currently being featured on the Newgrounds homepage at FIRST PLACE for the week! That's never happened before, I've only made weekly 2nd, and only once.

Thank you all for the astounding support and the listens! I earned 350 within 24 hours and over 500 in just one week! Let's keep this momentum going! I might even make it into the monthly top ten at this rate!


1st Place!.png

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Wow! Frozen in Despair is an impressive piece of work, really creative, definitely sounds way different from any Ice Cap remix I've ever heard. I think I'll definitely be listening to it a lot in the future...I've already listened to it multiple times and it just seems to get better each time! I gotta check out some more of your old work too. You've clearly got quite a library, there! ;)

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Wow. That really means a lot. I work hard on all of these . . . Well, nowadays I do, now that I know how to be more complex lol.

What I really need to do is expand beyond Newgrounds. Its been dead territory for a while. Happened when I was gone, that's for sure. I've got a future to achieve.

I'm working on another project right now, I plan to send SEGA a letter and a flash drive with my top tracks above in green. I already have the letter typed out, ready to print. That's all I need is the print, and to make sure I send it to the right place, and I'll be ready to send it out. 

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Well, your 'Magnum Opus' is pretty cool, I'd say you've deserved the 1st place. No contest.

Sorry, I haven't had too much time to listen it closely before so thet's why it took so long to comment how cool it is.

And wow, you sing really well! If you ever feel like it, use your voice again in another remix, will you?

And I hope you get something out of that letter & flash drive combo. ^_^

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