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The appeal of a goofy badass

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Gene Starwind





Sonic The Hedgehog, these three don't seem to have much in common at first, but they are pretty cool, right?

On the same hand, they're also total dorks, making quips, showing off and usually have a big grin on their face.

I think part of the reason they're so cool is because they're so goofy, this topic is to go into detail why I think silly badasses are the coolest.

Simply put, when they are in a good mood, they put smiles on our faces, we love to see them tick a villain off, we love to see them mess around and we love to hear them laugh.

But when they aren't feeling good, it feels genuine, they go from their usual devil may care attitude to the deepest of sorrows, when they mess up and can't do anything about it, the audience feels for them.

To get the point across, they feel human but they're something we still wish to be, they're kinda a natural supernatural, ya know?

Who is another good example of this? Donald Duck, yes, that Donald Duck

Donald is extremely unlucky but thanks to his ability to get through anything, it feels more like a limiter than a stopper, if Donald didn't have his bad luck, pretty much nothing could stop him, this silly cartoon character is one of the biggest badasses in fiction, ya know, despite going through utter hell, he's still standing, he can still take care of his nephews, pal with  Goofy and Mickey and go on dates with Daisy and act like none of that happened.

That's just my take on things, I hope I could get the idea across.

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I tend to love goofy but still semi competent characters, since there's something fully fleshed out about a character that manages to do amazing things and yet never quite keeps up a mystique for themselves (and sometimes doesn't even try). Full on dignified badasses tend to get boring for me, they're just largely positive aces (part of the reason I found Sonic kind of dull in X, where he only had a handful of minor comical or fallible fluctuations).

I also tend to like those type of heroes that are underestimated, they're not serious or majestic, and yet when push comes to a shove they can be just as important and brilliant as any other hero. Intelligence and power come in all sorts of different forms, so I love when there isn't just a limit of 'competent' and 'incompetent' in fictional universes. It's the same reason I love when the lucid serious minded character is granted moments of acting like a complete buffoon.

The Pokemon anime has recently been trying to spruce up Ash's character after being protagonist for so long and being considered dull by a few fans for example. The Black and White series infamously reset him and made him a bumbling idiot again, outraging fans of his progression, XY went the other direction and made him a respected ace, annoying other fans who felt his character had been diluted and became even more boring. Sun and Moon seems to be taking the middle route, making him buffoonish and wacky, but still rather clever and experienced, basically the best of both worlds.

Another of my favourites (as visibly obvious) is Crash Bandicoot. Crash's personality generally comes off as simple, almost animalistic, and yet most of the time, Crash is conveyed as pretty reliable, if not rather crafty against his foes. He's expressive and sweet due to his buffoonish character, but actually pretty competent, and if his bonds with Coco and the Nitro Kart rivals are anything to go by, a pretty sweet fella.

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Vash The Stampede from Trigun is the first thing that comes to mind.



To the Inhabitants of the Gunsmoke planet, he is considered the most feared outlaw and has a $$60 billion price on his head. At the same time, he is also a kindhearted goofy guy who just wants to not kill his opponents. He is also a really skilled gunman, let's not forget that.

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