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Nintendo Unleashes A Shit Ton of Announcements at Gamescom 2017 (Mario Odessey and Samus Returns Presentations Announced)

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I don't even know where to start. This is basically a Nintendo Direct without actually being one.

First off, SNES Mini trailer, first hands on along with the first official footage of Star Fox 2:

New Fire Emblem Warriors trailer. New characters confirmed. October 20th release date in Europe.

Fire Emblem Warriors Limited Edition Announced for Europe. Switch only.


A new Arms character, named Lola Pop, is joining the game alongside a new stage soon:

Three new updates are coming to Splatoon 2, new maps confirmed!

 An SNES styled New Nintendo 3DS XL is launching in October:



And last, but certainly not least, Nintendo is streaming during all of Gamescom, and with that, there will be presentations centered on their two biggest fall releases: Super Mario Odessey will have an hour long presentation tomorrow morning in the US, hosted by Mr. Koizumi, showcasing new updates and announcements on the game, followed by a full hour of gameplay directly after the presentation. Samus Returns will get a presentation hosted by MercurySteam's Jośe Mărquez the day after, with 30 minutes of gameplay directly following the presentation as well. Xenoblade 2 is being streamed for up to possibly three hours, and Fire Emblem Warriors is being streamed for up to possibly two hours as well. Mario and Luigi: SS + BM is also being streamed.


Full schedule:

All times listed in BST.

Tuesday August 22nd

10:00 – Splatoon 2 Turf Wars presentation

Wednesday August 23rd

10:00 – ARMS – Lola Pop gameplay

12:00 – Splatoon 2 – Salmon Run gameplay

12:30 – Mario + Rabbids® Kingdom Battle gameplay with Ubisoft

14:00 – Super Mario Odyssey presentation with Mr Koizumi

15:00 – Super Mario Odyssey gameplay

16:00 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament

Thursday August 24th

10:00 – EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18 gameplay

11:00 – Metroid: Samus Returns presentation with Mr Sakamoto and MercurySteam's José Luis Márquez

12:00 – Metroid: Samus Returns gameplay

12:30 – Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions gameplay

15:00 – Charles Martinet discusses classic games with Fabian Döhla

16:00 – Splatoon 2 tournament

Friday August 25th

10:00 – Super Mario Odyssey gameplay recap with Charles Martinet

12:00 – Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gameplay

15:00 – Nine Parchments gameplay with Frozenbyte

16:00 – Pokkén Tournament DX tournament

Saturday August 26th

10:00 – Fire Emblem Warriors gameplay

12:00 – SteamWorld Dig 2 with Image & Form

12:30 – Flipping Death gameplay with Zoink Games

15:00 – Yoku's Island Express gameplay with Villa Gorilla

16:00 – ARMS tournament

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Might download that demo to see what the hype is all about. My nephew has it on his Wii U so will see if it warrants another purchase. 

Media blackout for Super Mario Odyssey though, E3 delivered that game for me. No need to watch anymore footage. Might do the same for Xenoblade 2 but that's closer to Christmas and quite interested to see how much has changed to warrant it's name.

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Rocket League Switch has an exclusive Samus car:

Mario and Luigi ones, too, but who cares?


The article says Mario is for the Orange team and Luigi for blue. Samus will also have different colors for the teams. I'm guessing Blue team will get a Gravity Suit inspired coloring.


The exclusive cars have their own unique boost trails as well. The plumbers have a Super Star trail while Samus' Gunship has a Wave Beam. There are Mario and Luigi hats for cars, too.


Don't have anything to say to that, but I thought it was worth noting.

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