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Art, Irregularly.

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On 8/23/2017 at 12:06 AM, Diogenes said:

And maybe actually having this up will get me drawing more often

Gee that worked fffffuckin' stunningly didn't it.

I did get a burst of motivation recently, though.

I redesigned two of my old characters for TideKai's old Sonic characters thread;

Nerus, the swamp beast of some sort:


And Diogenes, the book mage:


I've also still been playing around with that slime girl, who I've decided to call Jillian:


(also still struggling to figure out how the hell to shade slime)

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teeth teeth t҉ee͏t̶h̀ t̺̮̥͝ͅe̤͙̘̥ͅè̵͏̦̬̣͓t̘͓̠̤͖͢h̨̘̫̭̳̼̝ T̢̳͍̥̰̰̱̬͞E̬̠̠͇͍̲̬E̺̣̫̫̪̤Ț̷̸̺͎̝̩͇H͏̞̤͓̙̖͇͘ T̨̛͈͍̥͕͍̝̰É̷̷̦͎̪̻̹E̸̛͕̺͕̺͖̦̗̼̟̲̺̪̥̩͎̣̯̹T̶̡̟͎̫͍̖͙̗͇̰͢͝H̴̨̭͚̲̠̦̬͓͇̗̟͓̮͜


...very lazily colored because I make poor choices regarding when to draw a thing. Long story made short she's the tentacle of an extradimensional creature acting as both lure and hook as it fishes for human flesh. I've got ideas for an eyeball-focused partner (teeth girl has no eyes, only teeth) but the design hasn't quite come together yet.

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Been on another NES sprite kick the last few days. Zelda 1 inspired, this time. There's something very satisfying about working with such tight restrictions and managing to make something not just recognizable but aesthetically appealing.


I've also been having fun drawing comments in SMM2, so I threw together some of my favorites. Linked for size.

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On 1/20/2019 at 4:27 AM, Diogenes said:

A necromancer/lich character.


And a rival slime to my other slime girl.


I love this, your purple slime girl reminds me of Marina from Splatoon

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