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(Roleplay) An Angel In Love With A Demon?


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An angel In Love With A Demon?


Its always been the most typical war. Angels vs Demons. Good vs Bad. The Angles have taken the most casualties in the war. In one battle, one of the archangels is critically hurt. The demons have fled the battlefield for the most part, getting prepared for the next battle. But, they are a few demons left, that are burying the dead. One demon came up the wounded and dying archangel. He had yellow fur, fingerless gloves, and beautiful white wings, one of which was broken. On his feet he wore red war shoes, designed to prevent damaged to the feet during battle. His sword lied next to him, covered in black demon blood. Does the demon grab the angel's sword and put the angel out of his misery? Does the demon try to care for the angel? Or does the demon leave him there to die? Its your choice.




Demon who found the wounded archangel (fill first)


Other angels (this can include archangels, however there can only be two other archangels.)


Other Demons


My Character -


Name: Sonic Firestar


Age: Young adult


Gender: Male


Bio: Sonic came from a long line of high ranked angles, otherwise known as archangles. His father was killed in the war with the demons, having taken sword through the stomach. If Sonic was any younger at the time, Sonic's mother, Aleena, would have taken her mate's place. But, Sonic was old enough to take his father's place. During the move from the house Sonic was born in, the carriage was raided by demons. Sonic managed to escape but his mother...well, no one knows exactly what happened. Some say she was killed. Others says she escaped and was in hiding somewhere. All, Sonic knows, is that he never saw his mother again after that event.


Personality: To other angels, Sonic is kind, calm and easy-going. But, with demons, its different. Sonic's hatred towards demons makes him mean, cunning, cold, and many other not- so- positive things. Heck, even mentioning demons makes Sonic have a temper. But, can the demon who found him after the battle chance his mind?


Crush: The demon


Mate: None


Offspring: None



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