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Super Mario Odyssey

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Yeah, but I think It's kinda hard to tell whether or not he's gonna be a good character. He's REALLY edgy, and it's actually kinda over the top. I like his design though. The whole mask thing is pretty cool. I also think that he would make for a really fun boss battle.

Do you guys think that he is the Phantom Ruby from Sonic Mania? Was he inside it? Is he only using it's power? Are they not connected at all?

What do you think?

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Just now, KHCast said:

Shouldn't this be in the Sonic discussion?

Yeah. I accidentally posted it here then couldn't figure out how to delete it. :/

I'm gonna turn this chat into something that's meant to actually be in the Chit-Chat section, then re-make it in the Sonic discussion.

Sorry Guys

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