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Sonic Forces - Collectors Edition?


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  • soniclegender changed the title to Sonic Forces - Collectors Edition?

It looks terrible, it's getting an official budget release and it's getting a mixed reception (at best) across the board of fans and press. I don't think a CE is on the cards here, especially not when we already know of the Day One Edition.

25 minutes ago, soniclegender said:

No swearing, please.

Look, I'm trying to be nice here rather than intentionally mess up this topic with some swears and whatnot. I'm sorry if this sounds patronising or in anyway undermining. But please, for the love of God, do not ask this. Nobody will appreciate it, and it's highly unlike to draw anything but ire and intentional swearing to wind you up. If you don't like swearing, refrain from it yourself and try to keep discussions mature and above-board with the way that you speak and conduct yourself. Swearing is just a part of normal conversation here. It's not against the rules.  

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3 minutes ago, Ayliffe said:


That's pretty blatant but that's really the only example we've seen so far. 

For example, the Tag levels has absolutely nothing I would call "nostalgia pandering". I thought "Hey, that pyramid reminds me of SA2" but that's it.

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Just now, Indigo Rush said:

Yellow dessert?

Now I'm hungry for some banana pudding.

(You mean Green Hill Zone, right? The nostalgia pandering level?)

Fuck me they still make that? Off topic 

Its a desert with all the beautiful water sucked away, the mountains replaced with factory machinery and one level is inside a mechanical pyramid. If they renamed this level I'd 100% believe it wasn't green hill zone (green isn't what I'd use to describe its current state)

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1 minute ago, Indigo Rush said:

So when Forces changes up the visuals and mechanics, it's a new level, but when Mania does it, it's still pandering. 









The fack?

Mania looks like green hill zone with caves, nice

Forces looks a fucking desert with some fading hints of life. Also pyramids

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3 minutes ago, Jack the Rookie said:

Mania changed it?

Can't tell if you're baiting or not.


The fact that we're comparing different Green Hill Zones should end the topic right off the bat, capisce? Act 2 fam.

Let's see how Chemical Plant Zone turns out. The other nostalgia pandering level.

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22 minutes ago, sonicdudeatdawn said:

Funny for a nostalgia pandering product we've seen little of classic sonic. Most of the focus has been on modern sonic and avatar the oc

They're nostalgia pandering to Adventure fans too, you know.

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1 minute ago, sonicdudeatdawn said:

With shadow and chaos. Where's rouge? Gamma? Big?

Do you think they need to include every last element of the Adventure era for it to count? I feel you're falling into the trap of not counting it as pandering if it's pandering aimed at you.

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9 hours ago, sonicdudeatdawn said:

Not likely buddy. Forces isn't a nostalgia pandering product like Mania was. Although I really would love a cardboard cutout of custom hero Chris Redwolf. 

Hey guys, remember Classic Sonic?

Remember Green Hill Zone?

Remember Eggman's ball-and-chain boss?

Remember the Eggdragoon?

Remember Chemical Plant Zone?

Remember the Death Egg Robo?

Remember Chaos 0?

Remember how Genesis/Mega Drive music used to sound?

Remember Stardust Speedway's Bad Future track?

Remember classic badniks like Motobug, Buzzbomber, and Chopper?

Remember when characters constantly yapped in-level with empty dialogue?

And let's not act like this is the full extent of Forces' "nostalgia pandering". I'm sure there will be even more.

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