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Sonic Forces Demo Playable at PAX West


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Here it is. Just wanted to let you all know that you can play a demo at PAX West this Friday if you are in Seattle. Appears tag team may not be included, since the article says there are only three stages. I wonder if we will get a new trailer by then?

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Well that's cool. I'll be there at PAX West, so I'll likely try it out and try to keep an open mind when playing it. With that said though, I've been playing so much Sonic Mania lately that I can easily see myself being unimpressed with what I play in Sonic Forces.

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1 hour ago, Cornelius Fudge said:

Hopefully they add one extra level or at least happen to provide the "full version" of Park Avenue for Modern Sonic if they haven't already.

We've seen the full version. Its just that criminally short. Even for a first stage.


They could hit us up with a Park Ave Act II tho. That would help ease the development burden of making more Modern Sonic stages... surprised we didn't see that in Gens actually.

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1 minute ago, Jack the Rookie said:

How many chances are we'll see a new demo? Aaron said in the stream we'd get news very soon...

Not very likely. Nakamura's tweets (and one of the streams iirc) are pretty focused on TGS, which should start around september 21st. Probably the most likely time a new demo or information will drop, all things considered.


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51 minutes ago, CrystalStorm51 said:

When did he say that, exactly? And where? I'd like to know.

Latest livestream but only briefly he also said in a past one that preorder news would happen around early fall which is funny because fall starts this weeks Friday.

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I got back from PAX, and of course by the fact that I'm posting in this topic, you could guess correctly that I played the Forces demo while I was there.

My thoughts?

Oh boy here we go again. I might as well just copy paste every presumption and assumption made about this game because it's basically all true.

The stages were short, linear, and they spammed the hell out of enemies, and without the wispons they become boring, mind-numbingly easy albeit time-consuming homing attack chain fodder. The partner character's jump is definitely different than both Modern and Classic Sonic, and not in a good way. it feels slower, heavier, and doesn't seem to carry as much momentum- something I thought I'd never say about a modern Sonic game, considering well, there's not much momentum to jumping as it is already... Plus there was a hell of a lot of automation in the form of springs and speed boosters.

It wasn't terrible or outright bad by any means but by this point I've come to expect more from Sonic Team, especially after how Generations improved upon Unleashed/Colors' level design- while this seems like a clear step back. There's a few cheap deaths, especially in the partner character's stage...

On the bright side, I spoke to Aaron Webber again, got him to autograph my PAX badge, and won a Sonic Forces Concept Art poster by answering a trivia question during the stage show. Even better, one of the staff hooked me up with a Sonic Mania physical instruction booklet after enough persistence of coming back to the booth throughout the day.

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27 minutes ago, Whatever the WhoCares said:

Aaron Webber just confirmed that there aren't any hub worlds. 


No Hub worlds? Man that's really a bummer - after all this production time. I feel sorry for Aaron too, it must really be difficult constantly trying to market this game positively when it's impossible to avoid its problems.

"This isn't Sonic 06" - honestly at this point I'd prefer Sonic 06

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