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[Roleplay] SSMB Heroes Academy: Uprising - A Multiversal Adventure Beyond Fiction and Reality

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Just now, Ryannumber1gamer said:

"Ohhhh no, you don't, I ain't falling for that one again after I fell for it the other five times, I've learned from my experiences!" 625 said while still making his sandwich. "Well, that and BlubberButt placing me on mop duty for a year after the last time". He quickly added.

Sally slumped against the glass, disappointed. "Welp, that plan was a bust." Nicole watched that conversation unfold, and just chuckled to herself. "...Umm... I guess that reward I had for you just can't be, then! Nope, no huge boatload of sandwiches for you!" Sally played up, trying to salvage the plan.

In response, Nicole groaned, facepalming. What a desperate move... "And what makes you think that one would work?" Nicole asks. "That's bottom of the barrel material." Her only response from Sally was just a shush.

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Star's stomach grumbled. A sandwich didn't sound so bad right now, actually... a pity she was locked up in here and they were out there. She snapped her fingers and twirled her wand, creating a nacho sandwich! She wasted no effort in biting into it...


...she glanced down at it, and swallowed begrudgingly. A cold shiver and a horrible feeling ran circles around her spine and stomach. She could do almost anything with her wand, but making food was very clearly a part of that "almost" caveat.

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"Flame! At least save some of the jelly log for later! You can't eat that entire thing in one go on a mission!" Mia gasped as Flame attempted to try and stuff the entire log into his mouth.

"Huh?" But it was too late. Flame had managed to stuff half of the log into his mouth with no effort. Mia could only watch in squeamish displeasure as Flame seeming swallowed the entire log in one go.

"Yum!" Flame smiled, licking his lips.

"I've seen pigs with better manners than you, what the hell!" Mia objected.

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"W-We're trapped... completely trapped..." Shuichi says to himself, starting to breathe heavily. "What do we do? W-What do we do?!"

"Calm down, first! We'll think of somethin'..." Kyubey taps on the glass impatiently. "There's no way I'm getting trapped in a ship a second time." He mutters.

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