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Sonic Forces Bonus Edition Releasing November 7th


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Everything about this is ew. 

Man, when I think back to a year ago when we knew relatively little of Forces.. I had high hopes for some beautiful collector's edition to accompany a cohesive and competent anniversary game. How things change ;)

Also, do we really need a big ugly sticker at the bottom of the boxart showing us it includes bonus controller skins?

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Definitely the best the custom characters have looked so far for me, the Persona 5 skin is definitely unexpected but more than welcome. I'll probably be using the Aiai or Beat skins since I'm personally not interested in having an "avatar" for the game and just treat it like some weird crossover that gets no fanfare.

I can take or leave the controller skin, it's a little too tacky for me being just stock art and logos. If they'd made a pattern based on something like Infinite's cube's and maybe ditched the logo it'd probably have looked slicker.

Completely harmless extra edition of the game all in all. It's likely gonna be the default version of the game for a while like the Deadly Six Edition of Lost World and Bonus edition of ASRT so by all means bring it on.

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1 minute ago, NoKaine said:

Isn't that just a problem with the adhesives of certain stickers?

Nope. All adhesives, from what the article says. Don't know if a solution has been found yet, but these look like cheap bonuses made from the same material for every console, so I wouldn't count on them getting special treatment even if a solution exists...

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I am 100% sold on this Bonus Edition now thanks to that Persona skin. What a pleasant surprise. The other ones are looking pretty sweet as well.

I'm not sure if I'm gonna apply that controller skin, though. Not a skin guy, really. So if the Bonus Edition or the DLC can also be bought digitally, I'd nab that instead.

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11 minutes ago, Indigo Rush said:


good grief what even is this even supposed to be do they expect people to pay extra for this what is happening why why why why is life like this why does everything I know and love have to be prostituted into mediocrity why does the interactive entertainment industry feel the need to destroy everything I hold dearly I am so tired of this brand why am I still here what even is this supposed to mean what is my life what is anything none of you are real you're all fake this is not my beautiful wife this is not my house same as it ever was same as it ever was same as it ever was I need to lie down 

What a bizarre way to react to a few costumes. :lol:

I doubt it'll cost more. Lost World's Day 1 Edition didn't.

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I can't lie, I'm a sucker for SEGA fanservice so I reckon these are pretty neat. The OC designs are... lacking, but y'know. Wish the Puyo costume was more than just Amitie's hat though, like c'mon, gimme a full Arle setup or something.

I don't think it's enough to warrant going from "Nah" to "Day One" though, and that controller skin is putrid. 

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Okay. The controller skins are pretty "eh." Costumes are alright.


Maybe I'm just being impatient but this game comes out in two months and a week and it still doesn't feel like they've started seriously promoting it yet.

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Yeah not gonna lie those costumes look pretty bad except for the Persona 5 one. Maybe it's because of how the costume character designs already feel off and these costumes make them look worse.



I mean just look at Amy in the Puyo costume it actually looks great on her so idk. 

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To add to my last post, this Bonus Edition definitely isn't more expensive:


Starting today, users can pre-order the physical-only “Bonus Edition” (consoles only) for $39.99 USD / $54.99 CAD. Available for a limited time only, the Bonus Edition will contain a Sonic Forces controller skin and the “Sega / Atlus Pack” add-on, which offers 13 in-game outfit items and accessories to recreate the look of five other Sega / Atlus icons for your Hero character (including including Jet Set Radio, Persona 5, PuyoPuyo, Super Monkey Ball, and NiGHTS).



Also a few new screenshots: http://gematsu.com/gallery/sonic-forces/august-31-2017/

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