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sonic forces - returning stage wishlist


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sonic forces is going to include a couple of returning stages, like generations. wether this is a good or bad thing is completely up to you, but if you don't think this makes the game absolutely awful, what stages do you want to see re-imagined in sonic forces? i'd like to see aquarium park get a second chance. it was a fun zone in sonic colors and i'd like to see how they do it here.

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Well, it'd be cool if the level we saw recently segued into Pyramid Cave. 

Ideally, I'd like them to be renamed. Maybe Emerald Coast is all overcast and the waves are rough with oil in them, so it's called "Disaster Coast." Name kinda sucks but you get the point. I'm not using a thesaurus for a game I'm not that thrilled about.

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43 minutes ago, blueblur98 said:


No you didn't. And for the record I don't think returning stages alone makes the game awful - the game is awful because of a whole myriad of factors, of which this is just one.

As it stands, if we're to see anything at all from past titles, they need not to have been a part of Generations or Mania, so that would immediately rule out Green Hill and the suspected Chemical Plant in my books. They would also need to be contextually relevant, so that would again rule out anything from Colours, CD and Lost World  as they were set away from everything else. Chaos is back in Forces, so maybe the Mystic Ruins and/or SA1's Angel Island could appear and that wouldn't be too bad? That's the best I can really come up with. I'm so through with SEGA reminding me that they forgot how to make a Sonic game good on its own merits...

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Sky sanctuary. Remilitarized. Swarming with fleets and ships and floating bases. Tall steel buildings tower over the weak and collapsing ruins. Takes place during a thunderstorm. In the rain...

I'd also like to see iron jungle return. I like it's music. Or westopolis.

What if a sonic rush level appeared in forces? Huge crisis would totally fit. Or altitude limit.

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Any stage with Eggman's face plastered on it. He's supposed to be in charge but his face isn't in my face every single frame of this game.


To try and add something to this conversation, Eggmanland. Someone already mentioned that? Let me try again...


Maybe a 2 act level against Eggman's fleet (not actually sure how acts and zones work in this game so just assuming the norm). First zone has the fleet attacking whatever up in the sky. Maybe you get an Unleashed side step thing avoiding a bombing run from either a ship or some smaller air troops but otherwise they are there for decoration. I'd suggest Spagonia but it was in Generations, we've already got a city under siege and it might be too close to what initially inspired this. Any zone could fit here I guess, just something Eggman would want to capture.

I'm going to say Metropolis/Power Plant so this can be a mostly Heroes homage. So you run through the city under siege. It is under siege for the power plant. You stop the siege. Siege Siege Siege. Eggman, knowing he can't take the power plant, orders it's destruction. The end of the level is still the core and the way out is up. You here a familiar craft up above and a familiar sound busts open the roof of the core. You start racing upwards as the Flying Fortress' bombs continue to rain down. This would be a faster escape with less stops and enemy blocking gates and waiting for cylindrical platforms as that wouldn't work so well with the boost gameplay. I'm not even sure if this works in Heroes but I definitely enjoyed the feeling of panic first playing this. You blast through with Sonic speed (sorry not sorry) and the act ends as you smash into FF. Act 2 has a short FF section, you damage something internally and leave for the Heroes homage to continue. You work through the egg fleet till you get to Wing Fortress/Egg Carrier/Whatever Heroes had/something new and have a fight with Eggman/Metal Sonic ver. 2/whoever.

So in short, Metropolis Power Plant into Flying Fortress into Egg Fleet and a boss fight across two acts.


Would also like returns to Scrap Brain, Hang Castle and Mystic Cave.

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7 hours ago, Jack the Rookie said:

Casino Night or Casino Park


Emerald Coast




7 hours ago, Cakito said:

Anything from sonic heroes, (aside seaside hill) specially Mystic mansion and Grand canyon 


7 hours ago, Miru the Living Planet said:

Ice Cap

Lost World


Crazy Gadget

Hey, our rules prohibit "list threads", so let's make sure this topic doesn't slide into being just that. At least a bit of elaboration or reasons, like several other posters gave, is nice. Don't just do a flat-out list like these. Thanks!

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Well, if we must have more recycled stages, how about something that isn't a fucking Classic stage? Seriously, outside of Seaside Hill and the obligatory SA1/2 levels in Generations SEGA has barely touched anything from the Adventure Black Knight period. That's a whole decade's worth of stages just left collecting dust!  Surely the era wasn't so "irredeemable" that they can't find at least a handful of stages to break up the masturbatory Classic throwbacks.

That said, I do kind of want to see them revisit White Acropolis. I love the whole Metal Gear Solid vibe that stage had and I'd really like to see it done in a game that isn't a hot mess.

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Considering the whole game is about fighting a war, I would aproach it from that angle.
What stages would make sense in a war setting? Either straight or in a twist?

The GUN headquarters stage would make sense for a straight level. Eggman sabotaging their information and arms center.
Important cities would be neat, wouldn't it be cool to see how Spagonia or Shamar and such are doing?
And of course Eggman repurposing his older bases, like Final Egg or Scrap brain. Why build all new bases from scratch when you have several left over bases that can be touched up again? Saves resources.

Or hey, here's an idea. How about a full on assault on Angel island as Eggman and his troops aproaching from all sides in airships to steal the Master Emerald, with the rebels desperatly trying to stop it. For recycling bonus points you can make that level like a montage of several zones, make it a stew between several Sonic 3 and K stages combined, or even some Adventure/ Advance love in there.

Levels that make sense for Eggman (or the rebels) to take interest in, and not random "Hey, remember this level existing???"  references that only have meaning to us on a meta level. Why is everyone constantly drawn to Green Hill zone, why is that such a strategic and significant location? Outside of meta "Member Sonic 1????" reasons.
Only reason why I'll forgive Green Hill this time is because I'll be seeing it getting destroyed, and watching that damn place burn to the ground is cathartic at this point.

Altough honestly, I think older stages should be kept as subtle toned down nods, and not fulll blown MEMBER THIS LEVEL???? nostalgia fests again.
After the two Sonic 4's, two Generations, a Lego DImension, a Mania and all the phone games, (not to mention several fangames) I'm really burned out on this gimmick.

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Any stage that has not returned in a remastered form yet.

So none of the zones in Generations, Mania, or the zones in sonic 4 that were obvious rehashes of classic zones.

Although Green hill is already here and chemical plant is also very likely, although considering how iconic they are it was almost inevitable.

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