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Custom Hero Costumes regarding Sonic characters


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  • After seeing the reveal of an exclusive Shadow costume for the custom hero on the EB Games site, I was wondering if we'd be able to see custom characters having costumes of other Sonic characters. If it does happen, I believe the very like ones would be the main crew being Sonic, Tails, Knux, Silver, Eggman, Amy, etc. I believe it can also happen with the other Sonic characters like Jet The Hawk, Metal Sonic, etc. I believe it would also likely be DLC Bonuses sometime after the game comes out of it does happen. What do you guys think? Let me know of what you think of this idea of mine for Sonic Forces.
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10 hours ago, FFWF said:

Why not go for the triumvirate with a Boom Sonic costume?

I'd like to see that tbh.


6 hours ago, Dannymax440 said:

I could have sworn I saw the scarf in the reveal trailer but I may be wrong.

Maybe it is there lol

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