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Emergency Communication From The Resistance Forces

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1 hour ago, Bobnik said:

Eggman provides 3 meals a day, nap time and a cell in the underground prison  warm and clean dormitory.

Resistance (according to Nakamura jokingly ) provides a meal for 5990 yen (approximately 54 dollars) + Resistance tax, no holidays and a promotion if you work hard enough.

Excuse me, Knuckles? Why is your resistance the worst fucking resistance ever?

Long live the Eggman Empire, you idiots.


i know it's a joke

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so like, maybe I watched too many Asian palace/war drama shows but

look, a resistance leader needs to be strong and confident. He must be able to raise people's morale effectively. To do that, he must gain their trust first, so he must also be a person who's familiar to everybody.

Tails is not confident enough. He gets scared more easily, which is not good because that sort of fear is contagious. From the looks of the theme song and trailer, Sonic seems to be going through character development. Amy might work but Knuckles is stronger than her. Silver, Rouge, team Chaotix and Blaze (if she's in this) are too unfamiliar to everybody to gain trust quickly.

So the best person for the job is Knuckles. His 'I could have done it better than you, Sonic' confidence from Lost World would make everybody feel like they have a fighting chance. And well, I haven't seen Knuckles afraid before

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Poor Knuckles. I think him being the leader is a fine choice. While Tails may be better tactically speaking, I don't think he'd have enough confidence to do that. Sure, he stood up to Eggman in both SA1 & 2 when Sonic wasn't there, but leading an army is a very different thing. Knuckles has self confidence and drive, as well as no fear. (Though he might be afraid of ghosts, he still didn't run away.)

It's hard to say how Silver will act considering the erasing of the events of 06. But nobody is giving him flack for being tricked too. Plus Blaze and Amy played a part in keeping him from losing sight of his goal. Rouge is better as a spy or reconnaissance and Vector seems more like a hands on leader. He wouldn't have the freedom to scout out the enemy or investigate who they are up against with Espio and Charmy if he was leading the entire resistance. Amy might be capable but I can't see the others taking her seriously.

Knuckles also has experience with Eggmans lies, so if citizens are being tricked into following him, Knux can relate to that and use it as a way to reach out to them. There was additional character info of Knuckles on one of his Sonic Channel wallpapers that I've never seen anywhere else, which I liked.


"Said to be as strong as Sonic is fast, Knuckles the Echidna can always be relied on to help. He and Sonic don't always get on, but they are ultimately good friends."

"Knuckles can be a bit of a loner, which may explain why he is so naïve and gullible, and easily tricked by Dr. Eggman. Although it's also been put that Knuckles believes there is good in everyone and hence can be very trusting."

Naivety and stupidity are too different things. Plus why is he getting flack for the events involving the Master Emerald? If that stuff didn't happen, there'd be no reason for him to be playable. Or he'd be like how he has been since Sonic Heroes. Not mentioning the Master Emerald or Angel Island at all...

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Oh man, I am loving these trailers SoJ is doing for Forces. Between the one we got a few days ago & these communication trailers, I am so stoked to seeing how this story plays out

Those english trailers can't come out soon enough

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On 9/16/2017 at 3:04 AM, SonicWind said:

Another transmission, this time from Eggman:


Free food and naptime? Where do I sign on for the Eggman Empire?

Neat to see Eggman's propaganda to the rebels. While he plans to imprison the Resistance, I am curious if we'll see what life is like for the people in the 99% of the world he controls. 

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