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New mobile title Sonic Forces Speed Battle (iOS - Hardlight Studio)

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22 hours ago, VEDJ-F said:

Speed Battle's whole thing is that everyone is an illusion, so I guess they decided they had free reign to go all out. 

Which I can definitely appreciate and hope is a type of mindset that can lead to more inclusive games in the future.


EDIT: You know graphics have evolved when this thumbnail managed to fool me for a second.



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Today I removed this game from my phone.

I was 28th in the world chart, with about 5415 trophies, more or less. The game cursed me again, once again.

When the game curses me, it makes me unable to gain trophies. I will always lose, even if I win a couple of races, the game will make me lose all the trophies I win in the next few ones. Other players lag a lot more, my attacks become ineffective (opponents go through my attacks without being hit), enemy traps appear into my character without any way to react, input become less reactive and occasionally the game makes different movements than the input you do (you say jump and the game goes left instead, for example), forcing you into an obstacle or a trap. When I'm cursed, the opponents are faster than me even if they have player level and character level lower than mine; and if I outrun them somehow, they start teleporting close to me, or they stop me with one of those unavoidable traps. When I'm cursed, 90% of the times I take a center power-up, it's a shield instead of a boost, despite I'm 4th.

So, I have enough. This game is unfair, it makes me rage a lot. I don't care anymore, I lost a lot of progresses and stuff, I was in the prestigue chart and all, but I don't care. I don't want to be fooled by this game and its annoying advertising anymore.

I'll never play any other SEGA mobile game, never.

Thank you for ruining my past few months, SEGA and Hardlight.

P.S.: if you want to know who I was, I changed my name a few times... I was Iko, then I changed it to Ser Czz, then THISGAMEISTRASH (during another curse), and at the end I changed it to  |||||||||||||||. Currently, I changed it again to <retired>, and I deleted the game from my phone. Since I was not connected to the cloud, there's no way I can recover the save data, so the player <retired> will not gain any more points, and will soon disappear from the charts. (before deleting the game, I was at 5300 trophies, don't know if I was still in the world chart or not, I raged so much that I didn't care to check).

This is the proof that I was in the prestigue chart: the first picture is my placement in the prestigue chart at the end of season 1, the second is the same thing but at the end of season 2 (it's not updated, other players were added after, and my actual placement was something around 70/80, can't remember); the third picture is my best placement in the world chart, before the game cursed me once again.




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