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New Sonic Forces Gameplay in Nintendo Direct


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4 hours ago, Zippo said:

This strategy of drip feeding 30 seconds of gameplay every two months featuring the same two zones we've seen since spring is beyond stupid.

No one is going to have confidence in your product if you don't actually show it.

Honestly I doubt SEGA has much confidence in their project. Look at how much we saw of Mania compared to Forces.

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Just to play devil's advocate on this whole "confidence" subject, there's an argument to be made that if you're confident in your product, you wouldn't feel the need to constantly draw attention to it; you could just put some information out there and trust that it's strong enough to reach and resonate with your audience.

That said based on everything we've seen Sonic Team absolutely should not have confidence in this mess, so who knows.

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After the recent story trailer was released, which actually made it look a lot better than previous trailers, they STILL show only two stages in action. Compare that to Mario Odyssey, a game coming out just a week before Sonic Forces does and they have shown so much more! We've seen a lot of stages (and that's not even all of them!) and extra things to do in game like photo mode.

Honestly, it makes Sonic Forces look barebones in comparison. =/ I know we shouldn't really compare Mario and Sonic games but..it's hard not to do so when they're release dates are so close to each other this year! 

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