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Sonic Forces - Story Trailer (English and Japanese)

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41 minutes ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

The fact that the lines are out of context is way more apparent now. And the sound mixing isn't that good either, which makes me lean more towards this just being the same trailer but with some of the English lines duct-taped to it.

That's literally the case. They just reused the Japanese trailer and threw the voices and sound effects in post. This was why the trailer seem super off because it was pace more for the Japanese language, not English. Hence the weird cut off of Silver line of "We have greater numbers-" toward Knuckles "LET'S GO!". It woulda work out way better if they reshot the trailer with the English build.

The one we got just come off as super amateurish and something I would hear from a fandub.

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I just realised why the trailer wasn't as hype. "Fist Bump" wasn't loud enough.


It really is a lot softer, I'm not kidding.  I also really like the song but that doesn't matter.

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6 hours ago, Shaddy the guy said:

If Green Hill in this game had been a different color from the start, I think it'd honestly have been way better-received. Sometimes it is just the principle of a thing.

The way Green Hill turned out is kind of an unfortunate product of circumstances, in which all of Sonic Team's decisions seem reasonable but the result is underwhelming.  We've seen all the other Green Hill variants now, and it looks like they wanted the changes, desertification and industrialisation to increase gradually as the acts went on - but the unfortunate result is that the first instance looks super-vanilla.  I'm sure they used Green Hill in the first place because they wanted a familiar first stage from a recent game so that those changes would be more easily understood by casual fans, but the most recent games to take place on Earth / Sonic's World / whatever (as opposed to space or a mythical lost continent), i.e. Generations and Mania, all used Green Hill, which was already a nostalgic returning stage that was starting to get overused.  Emerald Hill Zone, for instance, might have been better in some ways but wouldn't have had the same resonance, the same clout.  To avoid this situation, their creative decisions would have to be re-examined from the ground upwards.

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About that "everything sonds better in French" thing...

First; no, not really. Especially when I was studying said language in school it wasn't sounding as "romantic" to me than to those around me who knew nothing about all of those different forms of words and such.

And I'll say I do prefer the Japanese voices over English voices in many cases. I'm pretty sure it's about

1) the fact I like the voices the voice actors have

2) the fact Japanese has this nice rhythm on its pronouncing over English (as far as I'm concerned)

3) Some words (that I understand plain and clear, some words mind you) just sound better when they're pronounced strongly in Japanese over what's in the English version

4) Sometimes the localisation just feels too off for my tastes.

And before anybody says anything about "well duh it sounds betta 'cuz you don't know any Japanese but know English" ; I'm native Finnish speaker and I tell you I like my language well enough. Finnish cursewords are way better than Swedish (pretty unbalanced fight actually, it's really hard to cuss in Swedish and sound like you mean it compared to all these hard consonants we have in our cursewords...) or actually any others I can come up with, though Swedish ones are the worst as far as I'm concerned.

Maybe actually one of the reasons is that maybe somehow the rhyme of syllables resembles more the one I'm used to in my own language when it comes to Japanese than when compared to English. They're not exactly the same but they have some resemblance in my ears.


And yeah, I'll buy that explanation about English dubs just plastered over Japanese lip-synch any day since it seems legit enough.

Silver still needs to speak in-context though, we don't know of anything we haven't seen yet, including the fact how many enemies there're out there...

And that thing Mr. Pollock has in his voice when he does Eggman's woice in the start of the trailer, it just feels off for me somehow, the delivery of the sentence feels funny somehow because of that. :huh:

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