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incoming message to resistance. decoding

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4 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

Nope. Save the image and add it as an attachment if you're unable to get the direct link.

It was to big I guess. I would have shrunk it if I knew how in my phone ha

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1 minute ago, Meta77 said:

That be sweet.

I know it's not but the flames make me think metal final form in choatix

I can't really tell what the backround is supposed to be.

Is it a robot or just some burning lab?

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2 minutes ago, Fusion-Ellipsis said:

It's either A: Shadow himself

B: The Oc wearing the Shadow costume i hope not

...In fookin Park Avenue again. Maybe it's a music piece for Shadow's boss theme? If option A is a thing.

Is that Park Avenue? It seems to be some kind of destroyed lab to me.

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