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Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread


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It's probably going to be just a tiny bit of info every weekday, but it's still nice. Unless they show GHZ for 80% 6 weeks of promotion, then I'll just laugh lol.

It's weird how we might get more info from Japanese twitter account, when it was the other way around. Unless SoA do the same thing...? But I doubt that.

Also this gives me serious vibes of Mass Effect Andromeda marketing for n-th time, and not in a good way.

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24 minutes ago, Fusion-Force said:

We already got concept art for GHZ.

That was a joke about what happened the last time Sega promised us regularly scheduled little tidbits

Concept Art Friday started out great... but the team quickly ran out material that they were willing to share and one week we literally got concept art of a tree. A GHZ tree no less.


They haven't been to keen on sharing much beyond the two stages we've seen of Forces, so I hope they have some interesting tidbits for this and not "Forces may be connected to Mania *wink*wink*".

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13 hours ago, Dr. Detective Mike said:

Everyday we'll post a single letter. 

On the 12th day you'll get the last letter.

You put them all together and it spells out Sky Sanctuary.

This reminds me of something that was done at my college: for spirit week of my sophomore year, we were apparently getting a famous band to come play for us, and the student cafeteria had a banner where a new letter from the band name in question would be added every day:

Monday: E

Tuesday: V

Wednesday: E

We all freaked out at this point because we all thought it was gonna be Eve 6, a band from the 90s that kinda faded away but apparently was making a comeback tour. But then...

Thursday: R

We were so confused, until...

Friday: CLEAR

Fucking Everclear they baited us.

Someone out of protest tore down all the letters and just wrote CHUMBAWUMBA after that.

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And I guess they started with something that we've seen already in higher quality, but I guess maybe Japan didn't. They released the same orchestra video West got yesterday on their youtube channel

It's a little bit of a bummer, but I guess this might actually confirm we might get some info every weekday (dunno if gaming companies do announcements on Sundays outside of conventions)

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Dr. Eggman has defeated Sonic and follows 99% of the world, following the Infinite with power of the past enemies and mysteries ...!

Sonic's colleagues in various places formed a resistance army to resist the Eggman army. And now "you" will join it too!

... Yeah this is something that was already known.

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1 hour ago, Fusion-Force said:

Today's Forces tweet-


I tried translating this, and it came out really weird. It talks about Sonic, the world's fastest Hedgehog, who saved the world many times but has fallen due to Eggman's mysterious power (Infinite)

Yup, that is indeed the plot of the game. Next?

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7 minutes ago, MudHunter said:

Parts worn by the wolf avatar you are using for promotion. These are obtained by clearing the game. Immediately, it seems that the same parts can not be attached, so if you want to do that, try hard for a moment!




... Why is this basically a headphone when it's attached to his cheek...?

Confirms that you'll start out the game without gear, though. It's gonna be a "customize as you go" situation in that case. Might even mostly be from just completing the main acts, from the sounds of things. Though with how you'll be attached to your final character choice for the entire game, won't that inhibit the player's initial creativity in a lot of ways?

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