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Do you prefer the 3D games' voice acting in Japanese or English?


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On 9/24/2017 at 11:24 PM, -Justin- said:

English, more specifically the 4kids cast! Even though my first 3D Sonic game was Heroes, I grew up mostly with Shadow the Hedgehog and the PS2 version of Unleashed, and other games where the 4kids voices appeared! I guess it’s just a nostalgia thing XD I still, however enjoy the Adventure era cast, and the current cast!

It's great that you found enjoyment in both casts though I grew attached to the originals.  Sonic Adventure was the "true" Sonic 4 to me as it really continued the series' forward in a big way after the epic Sonic 3 and Knuckles storyline...the voice acting was a true advance for the series as well as the 3D action platforming.   Sonic 3D Blast was a mere footnote for me.

On 9/24/2017 at 11:35 PM, ShadowSJG said:

English. The voice acting is quite good if you ask me at times. I think griffith nailed it unleashed and black knight as Sonic and he was awesome as Shadow in Rivals 2 and Black Knight, before he wasn't bad, good if you ask me. Others I can tolerate, some, bleh(Pete Capella, Thornton Shadow, Jet's new voice to be exact.)

Jason Griffith was best as Sonic in Black Knight.  I found a lot of enjoyment in that game and I thought it was the first game where they got motion controls down somewhat pat.  It wasn't nearly as bad as Secret Rings.x_x  The story I thought was more enjoyable and I loved Merlina as the villian.

On 9/25/2017 at 12:01 AM, Collision Chaos said:

The Japanese cast I only saw few times, I stay with English, since I was a child I always liked the English cast, but I have to admit that I prefer Jason Griffith than Roger, I do not think Roger's voice is bad, I think it's good, but in my opinion the voice of Griffth is the one that most suited with Sonic, I just realized that Sega had changed the Sonic's voice actor in 2012, even if I prefer the English Cast, I really think it's very weird that the story trailer is only dubbed, maybe in the game will be better, but the trailer in my opinion with Japanese Cast is a lot better, and for me has several cool stuff in the Japanese Cast, I like how they say "Sonikku" and "Infinitu", Eggman's voice actor for me is very fun, because in my opinion he does not fit the character, but his tone of voice I like a lot, but I still want to wait for the game to launch to see which cast for me will look better.

Jason Griffith emulated Ryan Drummond the best out of the three video game Sonic VAs we've had in the past.  He also did an excellent Shadow and Jet the Hawk, which showed his range with voice acting.  The Japanese trailer was much better in Japanese and made with that cast in mind.  If the Japanese know how to do something, it's market the heck out of their games.  If this game sells, it'll be in Japan due to trailer alone.  I know a lot of fans got hyped or least a hint of hype with the release of this trailer.  Eggman's current Japanese VA sounds almost exactly like his old one which is scary and awesome at the same time and shows the talent the Japanese VAs can pull off.

22 hours ago, JezMM said:

I usually go with English because I prefer dialogue to play out "as dialogue".  I don't like reading subtitles and will always switch them off when possible, because I don't want to see the character's entire sentence before they've finished saying it.  I think Sonic Unleashed's opening line was the worst case of this for the entire series, where for an entire ten seconds you know in advance that Eggman's laughter is going to get cut off with a "...Hm?" because of the subtitles - glad they gave me the option to turn them off before the opening cut-scene played.  I only know about this due to the Wii version's lack of subtitle options.

I loved Sonic X back in the day, so the Japanese voices give me a lot of nostalgia for that time in my life, and I like to use them occasionally.  But I admit, with the scripts now being written in English, with actual thought-out timing and an increase in jokes that depend on HOW they're said as much as what's being said, it's harder to stomach listening to the Japanese with scripts that are clearly like SO english...ly written.

I'd be more interested in using Japanese if the subtitles reflected a translation of the Japanese script, rather than just being the English script, with regular moments where the English joke is clearly not what the Japanese script went for etc.  Takes me out of it.  Obviously having a seperate English subtitle track for Japanese would be an extreme frivolity though, as to be fair, you'd need to provide the same to all dialogue languages available... and then all those languages would need their own subtitle tracks for all the other languages.

I just like that the story is originating out of Japan for a change but the translation is something that may be lost, as you've pointed out.  Still, there have been some good lines...like Infinite's..."You may call me Infinite...in the brief moments that remain to you.".  Now, why couldn't THAT VA be Shadow's?!

21 hours ago, blueblur98 said:

i speak english sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i play in japanese of course i go for the english dub because everyone who isn't pre-SLW cindy robinson or kirk thornton does at the very least a competent job at voice acting

Hey, fair enough!  The current English cast does a competent job as they are all voices I recognize and have voiced a ton of anime/japanese RPGs like Liam O' Brien(though he's a newcomer...him as Infinite is awesome sauce).  I'm just bias towards the Japanese voices lol.   I don't mind subtitles.  

19 hours ago, DoubleXXCross said:

Third option:

Any non-English-or-Japanese language that's also available.

True, there ARE other languages but that's not what this thread's for. lol  I did watch Sonic X in French though and found the VAs just as competent as the Japanese in a lot of places, especially the voices of Cosmo and Tails.

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- Whether it was voice direction or something else, Ryan Drummond's early and late performances are noticeably worse than his work in SA2 and Sonic Advance 2. 

- Sonic Adventure's original Dreamcast version accentuates the fidgety, jerky movement style with an unpleasant framerate. Playing the DX version is night-and-day better.  

- Sonic Adventure 2, while marred by poor concepts, is executed much more smoothly than SA1. 

- Sonic Heroes is an overrated mess. 

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