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game modes you want in sonic forces


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hello! in this thread, i'd like to discuss extra game modes. what would you like to see as an extra game mode in sonic forces? personally, i would love a 2P race mode like the one in SA2. bonus points if you actually get something cool for playing it.

if you want to go the extra mile, demonstrate your idea by making a visual representation of it. for example, here's an ugly 2P race mockup in sunset heights:


(this is entirely optional though but it would be cool if you did that)

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Ever since Colours, I've wanted "Egg Shuttle" mode - a mode where you play through every stage and boss in order, uninterrupted, to remain a consistent staple for the series, but granted it makes less sense in a game with multiple characters.

I'd rebrand it as "Playlist Mode" or something.  You can either choose one of the four characters and play through all THEIR stages in chronological order, or do a "World Tour" mode where you play through every single stage in chronological order, switching characters as you do, or, why not, "custom playlist" where you can just drag and drop and play whatever stages you want in whatever order you want if you want to for some specific purpose.  Both would have score attack and time attack functionality, with records kept for both individual stages and overall.  Naturally there'd be no real point in leaderboards for custom playlist, but maybe you can push a button to save your score/time on your system just as it's own thing.

If this game ends up like Unleashed, where there are mini extra acts etc, perhaps a toggle would turn those on or off for this too.  You could also maybe do "stages only" and "bosses only" for any of the default options, if there's enough to justify them.

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Boss run, nuff said.

In other things, I'm not really sure since we still know jacksquat about the game.

Seeing how Forces seems to be a "solo" type game, can't really see much options aside from races and such.

Normally, the CAC would be obvious potential for multiplayer but it could annoyig in that case, imagine how long you wait for your brother/sister/whatever to make their character before starting the damn match lol, of course with Shadow confirmed as DLC and maybe the rest, we might actually a chance at the cast playable in mutliplayer.

However, missions are in the game and they could provide some replayability but again, don't know really.

And I guess a Hard Mode since this game looks like a breeze so far lol.

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20 minutes ago, Lord-Dreamerz said:

But for realz now. How about a mode that makes it so you can't boost into enemies without hurting yourself? It makes enemies actually matter a bit.

Hmm. I like that idea because it does make enemies matter, but at the same time it completely removes any reason to boost. It also would be very frustrating if you did decide to boost. How about a mode that replaces the boost with an SA1 style spindash? It would make the enemies matter a bit more without breaking the game. It would also not be an obvious handicap on the player, so more people might go for it. It's not so far fetched, considering Mania did a similar thing with the Super Peel Out and Insta-Shield.

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1 hour ago, Crazy_Diamond said:

but at the same time it completely removes any reason to boost.

No it doesn't? You still would boost to go around places fast. Boosting doesn't only exist just to nuke enemies. Adding extra challenge is the whole point.

And yeah, a spindash option that replaces boost as you said would be good too.

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On one hand I'd love some sort of Hard Mode for levels and maybe bosses, but I don't really know how do you make the game harder outside of more object placement and we know how that might turn out if you look at Episode Shadow gameplay...

Local/online race would've been nice, but that's also not going to happen... Hm, maybe some sort of mini-missions for the Avatar? Like, "help some citizens leave the city" or "find a guy", etc. But don't make it mandatory to finish the game. (unless that's what missions actually are lol)

If you want to go out of the way, make some sort of metagame around world/territory conquering. Like, you can choose your allegiance and complete a randomly chosen level with as much score as possible, and the winning side gets some cool stuff for Avatar, either something exclusive or something you have to spend rings/money/anything on (if the currency system exists ofc). The level gets chosen randomly every week or so. Sure it throws the canon out the window and this fits more to the online games with competitive multiplayer or mobile games. Sure it's pretty much impossible with ST on board, but hey, a man can dream, right? And it somewhat fits thematically.

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