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New Sonic Action Figure by Tomy also forces figures


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guys i found alot of things about tomys sonic line next year and i have to say this is hell of a lot better then jazwares figures 


also it looks like there some forces figures but there is no picture


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10 hours ago, Scritch the Cat said:

Nice sculpt, but is that really an action figure?  It looks static to me.  FTR, an action figure has articulated joints.


I enlarged the picture (and also posted it up so that other people wouldn't have to manually search for it because the link redirected to the 'choose your country' page). There's clearly a posable neck, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, and considering the mismatched hand placement there's probably swivel wrists as well. The closed eyes would suggest there's also replaceable eyes. Basically, as VED said above, it looks like a slightly cheaper Nendoroid Sonic (in concept) that's gonna have articulation as opposed to replaceable parts, different accessories, a larger and more accessible distribution and be classic-based rather than a chibi-fied Modern.

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