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Which music do most of you Sonic fans prefer?  Vote which you like the most and what are your favorite songs from those eras/ genres of sonic music. {EX- I vote 4 as I enjoy Tropical Resort from Colors, Wave Ocean from 06, etc etc} 

Note: I am only doing it in this style because I cannot find a poll option. If there is a poll option somewhere, please let me know. 

Type 1 - Classic Series (S1, S2, S3&K, Sonic CD, Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic Spinball, Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic 3D Blast) 

Type 2 - Saturn Era (Sonic Jam, Sonic R, Sonic Fighters) [ I know Sonic Fighters never came out on Saturn, but it was planned for it so I included it here] 

Type 3 - Dreamcast / Adventure Series (Sonic Advance 1-3, Sonic Battle, Sonic Adventure 1-2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Rush & Rush Adventure) 

Type 4 - Modern Sonic Era (06, Colors, unleashed, story book games wii) 

Type 5 - The Hectic Hedgehog Days - Present (Lost World, Fire & Ice, Shattered Crystal, Rise of Lyric, Forces) [Not much forces music is on youtube still but there is a good handful]


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Hey there! Welcome to the Stadium. Just wanted to give a poke and say that this topic, while a good premise, in its current form is lacking a bit in discussion. What I would suggest is maybe go a bit more in depth about some of your favorite tracks from your favorite era, things like that (it doesn't have to be too elaborate), which help open the floor to more discussion. I also wanted to suggest that making a poll is an option (if you hit the "Edit" link at the bottom of your post, you should be able to select a "Poll" tab), so you can add that on. I was planning on closing this, but Sonic music is something members here tend to enjoy talking about, so I think this could be a really fun and interesting topic with those changes in mind. If you have an questions, feel free to contact a staff member or maybe read this if you'd like some suggestions (these aren't hard rules) to developing your opening post a bit more.


Also, this is a better fit over in Green Hill Zone, so I'll go ahead and move it.

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No offense to the OP, but what you call music "types" should really be "eras".  It's rather incontestable that Sonic Adventure and Sonic Rush don't have anywhere close to the same type of music.  Likewise, I'm not sure how a comprehensive opinion about favorite eras is necessarily formable when they consist of disparate elements one might have very different opinions of.

Having said all that, my favorite era is circa-Dreamcast.  While the Genesis games have some wonderful music compositions, in their original forms the songs loop too soon, and with the long levels and the stress those games place on retrying, they can get go from pleasurable to obnoxious rather quickly.  I really prefer listening to remixes of them.  Meanwhile, the Adventure series and Sonic Heroes have music that runs longer before looping, and also changes more throughout stages.  Shadow the Hedgehog was, for whatever reason, a return to the old issue of some good songs that loop too soon, becoming therefor irritating.  Sonic Rush, while I like it's music, doesn't feel bound to Sonic at all.  Moreover, nothing about it says "giant trees" or "Egypt" or "Greek isles" or "I'm fighting against a robot plesiosaur", either.  It's just weird.

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