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A matter of image, and size...

The Deleter

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Hello; I uh... I was told to come by here if I had, um... some questions?


Alright, so ever since the forum update back in 2015, I've learned about image embedding and the way it works: You paste a link, and/or "insert other media", into the post, and that enhances the link to become a viewable image. It always results in a consistently adequate size, and everyone who has experience with it, loves it, as far as I can tell! It lines up with all the other images perfectly, it makes embedding them and moving them around easier to manage, and it's just right for the more handheld crowd, if you catch my drift...

On 4/25/2017 at 7:51 PM, The Deleter said:

However, as I've been perusing through the forums, I've come to notice... Something odd about some of the embeds out there...

5 hours ago, Soniman said:




Not a single thing about a detailed city on fire in a warzone looks like anything from SLW......

I think people are just confusing cartoony aspects of Froces with SLW because that's the most recent game with a "Cartoony" artsyle so its still fresh in peolpe's minds, I just dont see the SLW similairites to the point where poeple think this looks exactly the same....

With the way I sort of fixate on image based posts, I'm... honestly concerned about this. Many people seem to love these kind of embeds... Or at least judging by the way people seem to react in comparison. I have to tell people that it's an HD screenshot before they even consider taking it into another tab with them, for example.

So, I'm really just wondering...

Is there something that I'm missing?

I keep trying to edit the width as much as possible, but it doesn't seem to go any further

Is there a trick to the way you paste your links that lets you get images just like that?

Or is the kind of image they're using not normal, and a glitch in the forum's nature?

Is there something wrong with my choice of browser?

Why does their image get more detail than mine?

Is my computer just... not wide enough to get it that way?

Just... what I want to know is...


Can you tell me how to make mine bigger?

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It seems that when you upload or embed an image, the maximum width is 400; but if you copy the entire image image element (NOT right-click -> "Copy Image") from an external source such as another website, you get it full size. This following image element was selected in the Sonic Wikia and pasted directly here (note the Full Size: )

File:SonicForces ClassicSonic Casino 01 1506396530.jpg

I selected it by dragging the area around the image until it turned blue (meaning that it was selected), hit Ctrl-C, then headed over here and hit Ctrl-V.

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