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Sonic R Earliest Prototype Found.

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So, this was recently uploaded onto Youtube: 

It's basically a prototype build of Sonic R, supposedly the earliest build of the game in general. The prototype showcases a track that didn't make it into the final version of Sonic R, and for good reason as from the footage, it seems to just be an extremely early and primitive test track in order to showcase the game. There's a few objects that seem to be complete, and in the test map, objects supposedly from the finished game such as the bars displaying the direction you should be going (seen in the final game in tracks such as Radical City), a placeholder billboard featuring what seems to be art from Sonic XTreme of Sonic giving a thumbs up, a pipe and machine that looks similar to the aesthetic of Reactive Factory, and more. However, we've got some seemingly new assets too, including a Robotnik owned restaurant complete with Robotnik in an apron sign and everything.

Either way, seems to be a pretty cool find. 

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