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Mr Loopone

Petit Hedgehog

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Petit Hedgehog is a fan game made by Chengi using Game Maker: Studio based on AeroGP's Sonic Engine inspired by both the classic games and the Adventure/Advance series taking elements such as physics from the classics, level design and styling from the Advance series plus the score ranking and moves from the Adventure series. The game has an unique pastel art style.

You play as either Sonic or Shadow in the game. Sonic has his standard moves as well as his homing attack and Air Dash while Shadow has a directional dash move called the Chaos Dive that can be used to extend a high jump or to drop down faster. There are 4 stages in the game; Jade Lagoon Acts 1 and 2, Fossil Peak Act 1 and its own take on Green Hill. Music are Advance styled remixes such as Door Into Summer from Knuckles Chaotix (a used one for Jade Lagoon and an unused one) and Angel Island Act 2 from Sonic 3, taken from the games and some Advance Wars stuff.. Okay?


I got to say that I really love the graphic design in this game, the animations of the characters are fluid and very well done, it has a charm about it. It is the main reason why I downloaded the game, it's lovely to look at both in stills and in motion. I like the little touches such as the voice samples at the beginning of a stage, running on water, the score bonus and the Advance styled music really making it feel like its part of the Advance series.

The level design is also Advance like as in that it is faster and more spacious than the classics however it has multiple routes and plently of loops and curves in the stages. Jade Lagoon is like Neo Green Hill mixed with Water Palace from Sonic Rush. Fossil Peak has the seesaws from Hill Top but got changed into bones.

Controls and physics for the most part are serviceable and do the job just fine however it needs some extra work. There are times when the acceleration is off making you feel slower than you should be with the start of Jade Lagoon Act 2 being one of the more noticeable times, a few times when you walk on air and even managed to fall out of a stage by the homing attack. There is some slowdown in the game, not much but does happen. I even managed to crash the game just by dying on the first spike ball on Fossil Peak as Shadow. Apart from those issues, I still had fun playing.

If you like the Advance series, want something pleasing to look and a score ranking element to improve your score, give this a try. The demo is here: https://www.sonicfangameshq.com/forums/showcase/petit-hedgehog-sage-2017-preview.34/

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Played it, it's visually pretty for sure but it needs allot of work. the same glitch that happened to MegaGwolf with Sonic happened to me so I had to hard restart not only that but theirs visual bugs as well. this demo feels very rushed to be put together for SAGE.

I like the artstyle but it's gonna need another demo to convince me to keep an eye on it.

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