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SSMB not working that well these days.


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Since a few days ago, SSMB got really glitchy. Tons of times my posts got doubles or tripled and the site even crahsed a few times. Other members had the same problems.

Can anything be done?

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It's been rather glitchy for me for a very long time, so much so that its discouraged me from contributing to discussions here often.  Many times when I attempt to move a page forward in a thread, I either get a totally white screen with nothing, or an ad. I have to resend the link (not just refresh, but resend) in order to get to the next page. So, if there's 10 pages and I start on page 1, I'm potentially doing this up to 9 times if I want to read the entire thread. This doesn't happen on any other place I visit that uses the same software. In addition, the quick reply box at the bottom of the page often takes a very long time to load, and I can't begin posting until it does. Status updates on the main page are similar, and I sometimes get tired of waiting, so I just skip out on using it.

Here recently, I've had issues similar to the OP; Earlier today I attempted to post in an existing thread. The quick reply box took forever to load, per usual, and when it finally did and it submitted what I wrote, it put the same post twice in one reply. I had to go in and edit out the duplicate.

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