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Sonic Mania Ring Attacks

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I've never been too much into Time Attacking Sonic games, but something I really, really like is Ring Attacking. Ever since I was little, I find a lot of satisfaction in not missing a single Ring and a lot of frustration in losing them upon taking damage -especially if I had above 200!-. Ring Attacking also encourages exploring as much of the levels as possible, instead of just rushing straight to the goal as you'll be doing most of the time. Sonic Mania is no exception, of course, so here I am uploading my first two challenges:

The original Green Hill Zone Act 1 had 225 Rings in it, as any Sonic fan should know; its updated version in Sonic Mania has a whopping 596... not counting the extra 160 obtainable via Special Stage Rings and a goal post-triggered monitor at the end! This is a clear sign of how much the level has been expanded! Of course, only Knuckles has access to all these Rings, since he's got an exclusive section at the beginning with a lot of Rings there.

Ah, the unique first act of Mirage Saloon Zone where you fly on the Tornado and hop on a moving train driven by Eggman! There is only a single, straightforward path through this level, much unlike in every other, but Ring Atacking it still poses a challenge due to autoscrolling in the Tornado section and weirdly placed Rings in the train section which require a Lightning Shield to be collected. BTW, you'll also see my favourite way of playing on the Tornado: holding down a Spin Dash to combo almost every enemy and earn massive score!

Any of you like Ring Attacking too? Feel free to share your experiences and achievements here!

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Great topic!

I'm a perfectionist so I don't like getting hit or losing any rings. That's why I like the "Cool" bonus in Mania so much. It awards your skill.

I've uploaded a few videos over the years where I achieved crazy ring totals, like 750 rings in act1 of Palmtree Panic in Sonic CD, or finishing both acts of Marble Garden with 999 rings.



Also, how about all 102 rings collected in Act3 of Marble zone or 105 rings collected in Scrap Brain act3 without taking damage...

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