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How I would do the Sonic Movie plot and cast

Red Hot Jack

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This is based on the few things we know and some things I would like to see, including some nods to other continuities, scrapped ideas, some things I expect, obviously it's gonna be a normal movie, not an animated feature, so it's expected to have some things the fans won't like, like jokes, drama, a couple of big name actors, who are obviously needed to make the film popular, I also added some tv show actors that I personally love (since it's my idea), and Sonic acts with nonchalance for the first part of the movie, he gets serious later. It would start a lot like Sonic X:


Sonic the Hedgehog (voiced by Sonic star Roger Craig Smith) is seen running in Green Hill Zone, doing badass moves, running through slopes, springs and loops in a huge colorful world, with some lines he explains to the audience that little animals are trapped inside the badniks, he smashes the robots, obviously, freeing them, cathces some rings that make him go faster and do spin dashes. The Egg Carrier approaches, Sonic is lifted by Tails (voiced by Colleen Villard) on the Tornado, and both fly to the ship, while dodging buzz bombers and doing barrel rolls. Sonic lands on the Egg Carrier and sneaks inside the air fortress, he enters into the main room, and finds a real life Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (played by Wentworth Miller), who is using the Chaos Emeralds to finally get rid of him forever, with the Chaos Control, but Sonic hits the main system causing a mess that creates a huge energy, sending everyone in the Egg Carrier and Green Hill to another world, including Tails, Knuckles and Amy, who are seen fighting the badniks.

Like Sonic games' tradition, the blue hedgehog falls and lands into the house of Peter Ring (played by Ryan Reynolds), a regular man, with a job and life but incomplete. Sonic breaks the roof while Peter and his crazy fiancèe Madonna (played by Emma Stone) are kissing. There is immediately a conflict between Peter and Sonic, the man is obviously surprised to see him talk (and all that jazz), for some reason, he decides to keep Sonic with him. The next morning he doesn't find him anywhere, his girlfriend calls him and says to turn on the tv, revealing that Sonic has been running in San Francisco with some badass action scenes, he is eventually followed by GUN helicopters and trucks, but they can't catch him. Peter finds Sonic with his car and wants to bring him home, but Sonic insists that they have a race.

Sonic says that his friends are likely on Earth too, he needs to find them, and the first idea that comes to mind is to watch the tv again, and they see Amy Rose (voiced by Cindy Robinson) doing some girly stuff and helping little animals in danger. They manage to find her before GUN, while she was trying to escape through the sewers. Once home, Amy decides she wants to have a 4 people romantic dinner with Sonic and Peter and his girlfriend, which turns out super funny, until the crazy Madonna decides to break up with Peter because he cares about Sonic more than her. Peter then decides to kick Sonic and Amy out of his house, but he soon regrets the decision.

Meanwhile GUN wants to capture Sonic and friends to study them, and also because they have created too much havoc, Commander Abraham Tower (played by Samuel L. Jackson) especially seems to hate them, but they are interrupted when Dr. Eggman makes his official entrance into the real world, through a big screen presentation, he reveals that he is planning to destroy everything, unless they surrender and give him complete control to turn the world into Eggmanland. If they don't there will be even more consequences.

Eggman immediately attacks Station Square with badniks and E-1000 robots (similar to Gamma). He also possesses six out of seven Chaos Emeralds, but he lost one during the Chaos Control explosion.

The city is in danger, even the GUN troops are in trouble, led by General Naka (played by Will Smith), who is a brave soldier but kind of a dick; Tails comes to rescue and destroys a bunch of robots with his inventions. However General Naka wants him captured, when Sonic and Amy arrive and help him escape. While they are looking for them, the GUN agents are captured by a teleportation laser and brought to the Egg Carrier, where Eggman has a surprise for them.

GUN also "arrests" Peter and imprisons him at their Headquarters, to ask him info about Sonic. Here, he meets with Agent Topaz (played by Jennifer Morrison) who interrogates him, there is some sexual tension between the two of them. They send a message to Sonic, if he wants to see his human friend again, he needs to surrender, Sonic agrees to do it and heads to the GUN Headquarters in Central City.

Eggman consults his AI computer (voiced by Sonic star Mike Pollock, with the voice he does with the robot Bolts in Sonic Boom) in the main room, which finds Knuckles (voiced by Travis Willingham) who has the last emerald. Eggman personally goes to meet him and tricks him into giving him the last emerald, so they can go back home, but Knuckles isn't that stupid, it's just a plan to get to the Egg Carrier and steal the other emeralds from him; but, aboard the ship, something goes wrong, Eggman finds out about the plan, and gets the last emerald for himself to power up his secret machine and his newly created roboticizer. Knuckles gets taken off the Egg Carrier and hovers to Station Square. The robots also attack the GUN Headquarters before Sonic arrives to Central City, kidnaps a bunch of agents and, most importantly, Peter; while Commander Tower is injured and taken to the hospital, Agent Topaz leads the other GUN units into a new mission: save their colleagues. Sonic arrives and Topaz explains the situation.

After a while, Eggman's new army, made of badniks, E-1000 and civilians turned into robots, attacks Station Square again, Sonic, Tails and Amy fight them, Tails gets attacked by General Naka, Sonic hesitates to kill the former human, but as both are in danger, Knuckles is forced to destroy him. Sonic thanks him, but suggest they don't kill any more humans, they need to save them. Sonic finds a roboticized Peter, but refuses to fight him. The blue blur escapes, jumps on a Buzz Bomber and controls it to fly up above the Egg Carrier, invades the ship and makes Eggman pay for what he did to those humans. He manages to steal the emeralds, but, as the air fortress goes BOOM, the emeralds fall, Sonic hovers in an awesome scene where he dodges badniks and tries to catch the emeralds, but Eggman, aboard of his Egg Mobile, catches them first.

While Tails deactivates the roboticized civilians using the Miles Electric, Eggman jumps into his secret project: the Egg Dragoon, now powered by the emeralds. Sonic tries to fight it but it's too powerful, he can't hit it. So, Amy uses her hammer to make Sonic jump very high, gets on the Egg Mobile and touches the emeralds, turning into Super Sonic. Now the fight is even, both are very strong opponents, but ultimately Eggman's robot is destroyed, the emeralds get scattered across the planet, showing various real life locations, and Sonic launches a big energy wave to turn the humans back to normal. The events are reported by TV Journalist Scarlett Garcia (played by Scarlett Johansson).

Eggman is seemingly dead in the explosion, but his body is not found...

Peter thanks Sonic for saving him and apologizes for kicking him out of his house. After the story is over, Peter, who is an event planner, completes the preparations for the Sean Paul concert, where he appears and sings (obviously) as Sonic plays the guitar next to him.

The credits roll in, then there is a final scene: Commander Tower visits an unknown place (which fans will recognize it's Prison Island), where he checks on a secret capsule revealing Shadow, and has a phone conversation with the President of the USA, who is not seen but only heard behind his chair.


Just to recap, the cast:

Game Voice Cast:

Roger Craig Smith as Sonic the Hedgehog

Colleen Villard as Miles "Tails" Prower

Travis Willingham as Knuckles the Echidna

Cindy Robinson as Amy Rose

And Mike Pollock as Eggman's computer AI

Original Cast:

Ryan Reynolds as Peter Ring

Emma Stone as Madonna

Samuel L. Jackson as Commander Tower

Will Smith as General Naka

Jennifer Morrison as Agent Topaz

Scarlett Johansson as Scarlett Garcia

Sean Paul as Himself

And Wentworth Miller as Doctor Eggman





So, what do you think? Please don't kill me for this, go easy on me XD

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3 minutes ago, DazzlingSparkles888 said:

This seems like a really good plot, but it would be better is there was a new villain only for the movie. I doubt they will kill off Eggman like that,or kill him off at all.

Just my thoughts...

Thanks for answering. I feel like Eggman should be the main villain to introduce the plot. And he doesn't die, he is only presumed dead until the next movie.

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I think the biggest cliché that nobody wants to see is "<cartoon character> gets teleported to the human world and has to team up with an average goofball human who's down on his luck to save the world". It's so unoriginal and boring. I also think that your voice of actors (Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone etc...) is asking a lot.

But hey ho. You clearly had some fun thinking this up. Keep at it.

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1 hour ago, Blue Blood said:

I think the biggest cliché that nobody wants to see is "<cartoon character> gets teleported to the human world and has to team up with an average goofball human who's down on his luck to save the world". It's so unoriginal and boring. I also think that your voice of actors (Will Smith, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone etc...) is asking a lot.

But hey ho. You clearly had some fun thinking this up. Keep at it.

If you read the whole thing, the human doesn't save anything, he is not even a damsel in distress or a protagonist, but has some relevance to the plot. A lot of stuff actually happens, for me it's the "Cartoon character falls into the real world" done right, I think I did a good job thinking about the execution of the plot. I also had fun at adding the references like Madonna, Peter "Ring", Topaz from Sonic X and I believe I added some more easter eggs, like Robotnik's full name and robotization, I forgot to write about the "Sonic Mania" that happens after Sonic saved the world, how everyone dresses like Sonic at the concert and there's even a "Sonic Man".

I definitely think there will be famous faces in the movie, and I hope for some small screen stars I love as well, but this is just a dream cast (no pun intended) I posted. I also felt like Mike Pollock had to be added in some form because he really is a Sonic star, and Wentworth Miller would really be a good choice for Eggman. Plus, familiar voices for the Sonic cast, and big actors for the human cast.

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