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Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay


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So it's nooot Chemical Plant????

Lol I'm kidding, this stage looks really awesome aside from the linear level design but as before, it won't bug me too much and that QTE was insane!

That song too! Looks like we got our first fully male vocal Avatar song. (The guy at the beginning of Park Avenue was a co-singer)

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I'm really thrown off with the aesthetics of this stage. I can get that they're trying to do a Frozen Chemical Plant mashup (because that's what they've told us), but I'm not getting that indication by the stage visuals. Whatever texture they're using to make everything look covered in frost just... isn't working. It almost looks like cobwebs. I only saw a sparse few snowflakes in the air. Hell, why not top some of the surfaces with snow?  For a new-generation game it just looks bland, grey and underwhelming and this particular stage isn't doing it for me.

Also the level design is awfully flat. And the train sequence is more cringe than cool.

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1 minute ago, A Zombie KING heavy engine said:

Am i the only one who thought that the QTE looked goofy as hell? Lol

Goofy isn't the word I'm thinking of... but it's close.


Actually I thought "Oh wow! Are we gonna get an uncharted 2 on train like segment... nope it's just a 10 second QTE sequence."

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It's amazing that there's like a piece here and there that excites me before quickly going back to the dull 2D. The grinding on rails and flipping between the two got me excited, but then we quickly went back to 2D and I'm like "Oh! Of course! LOL" The beginning part wasn't too bad but the Custom Hero homing attack is bleah. It's not smooth like Sonic's and that's what really makes it nasty to look at. 


The only good thing about this honestly was what I could hear of the music from the IGN video and the cutscene. Because from a story perspective I like seeing the Custom Hero  have to think fast on their feet. The gameplay for this level was incredibly meh and easily was the most meh level they've shown off. 

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Just now, Patron said:

How likely is it that the whole game exclusively has Egg Paws as enemy for Avatar / Modern?

I'm pretty sure we've seen buzzbombers in some of their stages at least. But it really does feel like they put no effort at all into the enemies in this game. We've only seen a couple types, they all have incredibly boring designs, and they hardly seem to do anything. They're barely more than bowling pins for you to knock down.

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3 minutes ago, Crazy_Diamond said:

Why did IGN use this for the thumbnail? Anyway, this is their footage. Not much new stuff is shown.

Nice 10 second light dash chain at the end there. Also lol the QTE-cutscene is literally one button press after 20 seconds of watching stuff happen.

Also for some reason the ring counter caps at 100?

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