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Can't changes pages in a topic if you're not logged in

Blue Blood

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This is a problem that's been going on for ages. I know that someone else brought it up before, but I don't recall there being an answer and it's not been fixed yet either.

Trying to browse a topic when you're a guest/not logged is broken.  When you try to change page (by clicking a page number, a quote, next etc), the URL will change but the page won't load at all. You end up with a totally blank white page and then have to manually refresh/reload the page to see anything. It's a constant problem - it always happens regardless of any other circumstance.

Do we know what causes this, and if it can be fixed?


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I have this happen constantly to me on both mobile and on my PC. And yeah, always when I'm logged out. I don't post very frequently so I find myself logged out often.

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These bugs just keep getting weirder. Next we're going to see posts about not being able to open your profile on the third Tuesday of the month at precisely 4:39AM.

Noted, though.

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