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Sonic Forces demo- Green Hill (Modern Sonic gameplay)


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So a demo for Forces is on the Switch, however it's for Japan only, (though people can still get it because region free). It's switch only.

It's Modern Sonic's Green Hill gameplay but the problem is, it's timed. You can play it for a minute.

Really wish they gave more time to play this tho...


edit: You can also play the Classic Sonic GHZ boss and Avatar's Space Port too...

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Just now, Spookmmetra said:

...I'm starting to think the time limits there because they don't want to risk the game being datamined and leaked.

Still stinks tho. 

Datamining is opening up the games files and seeing what's actually in the software - it's not playing the game so the time limit will have no impact.

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All its really contributed is a sigh of relief that the Switch version of Forces will at least not be a trainwreck in the visuals and performance department, as previous demos showed  particularly serious problems in those departments, more than any other version of Forces.

It probably won't change any opinions at this point tbh. The only thing that could do that is showing something that is actually new from the game-- which only dataminers could do at this point. However, it seems tricky-- the demo is exclusive to a console that uses custom cartridges as well as the demo being timed (which is a good way of blocking speedrunners and the like from seeing more than they're supposed to). I wouldn't be surprised if somebody tried though.

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Just now, Hero of Legend said:

The menu shows 3 stages, are the other two select-able or is it locked to Modern Green Hill only?

You can play all three, the other two are Classic Sonic vs Eggman in Green Hill and Space Port (Chemical Plant) with Avatar, who has a choice of three Wispons to select (Avatar's appearance is one of several randomly chosen presets each time you play).

The idea that it's only Green Hill Modern was I think just an assumption because that's the screenshot that was in Nakamura's tweet about it.

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I do want to wait til I can sit down and play this to gauge the controls for myself...

I do like the Boost formula to an enjoyable extent...

but if it's going to boil down to it being this linear, then boy this tweet says a lot.

@Dejimon11 fiddlesticks ya ninja'd me. Well back into my bunker I go


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Soooo glad to hear the Switch version is a very good port despite running at 30fps. I was still going to get the PS4 version (down the line) anyway but those Switch previews made it sound like the port would be awful! So yah, glad to hear it’s pretty good. 

Not so happy on the other hand about Modern Sonic having 3D corridors level design. I mean, it was expected but damn what a shame, especially after Sonic Generations which this game is supposed to be emulating! Hopefully I’ll get to try the demo out myself soon.

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I like how squishy the giant worms look. That's all the good I have to say about this, though. Because wow that first 3D section has absolutely no reason to be 3D at all, there is literally nothing going on there. And the 2D section isn't much better.

Also are my ears fooling me or does Sonic call the level "sand hill" at the end there? I don't speak a word of Japanese but it sounds like he says "green hill" and then "sand hill", and I'm guessing he says something like "this is green hill? Seems more like sand hill now".

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