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Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

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Just now, Gabz Girl said:

And yeah pretty obvious that's the Phantom Ruby now, same sound effect.

Not only that, but when Silver and Infinite were battling just before the boss battle, he dropped what looked like the Ruby.

So yeah. Ruby's definitely in the game.

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8 minutes ago, RLS Legacy said:


I'm just laughing.

This is ALL we get to convey Eggman's victory.

Two decades of Sonic games building up to this.

And we get a fucking text box.

I'm done. I'm out.

SEGA have officially given up.




Awwww shame! A wild SEGA PR has appeared. D: Oh well, was fun while it lasted and I can watch the preview back again now.

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First stage is the Green Hill Level from the JP Demo.

They desperately need to bring back whoever designed the levels for Generations. Forces reeks of Colors. A lot of it is almost completely copy and pasted from stages in Colors. The beginning of Planet Wisp Act 3 is in the Death Egg Avatar Stage, just with more bottomless pits. 

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I have a pretty bad feeling about the plot. Its been several months and Eggman didn't murder Sonic yet? Not only that but they are just now figuring out that Sonic is in prison on the Death Egg? Also why have the whole Eggman taking over the world thing presented in a text box? We've been building up to this moment for over 25 years and this is how you present it?

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