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Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

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2 minutes ago, RLS Legacy said:

Guys, I'm going to be brutally honest. I tried to be optimistic about this game as I love Unleashed and the boost formula, and was intrigued by the story. But this... this is the biggest punch in the gut I've felt as a Sonic fan, which is saying a lot.

The story is piss poor, there's no flow or pacing to anything, there's only a handful of like 6 stages they keep revisiting a la Skyward Sword... I'm so disappointed. NOTHING HAPPENS. The marketing hyped up these returning villains but then they get like 20 seconds of screentime before the game pulls a 'lol they're fakes.' Oh and Eggman suddenly decides to drop the sun on everyone because why not.

Four years of development for four hours of story.

Crap, I wish there was a reaction that could somehow convey "I know what you're going through and understand why you're upset, but I still really like what I see of the game myself."

Must be rough dude. :( 

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May I ask what the point is of disallowing links to the livestreams in this thread if you're still allowed to discuss them as they happen and link to recordings after the fact? The game will still be spoiled in the end, but this just excludes those who aren't in the know from being able to watch and comment together with you all at the same time, and this stuff sounds really juicy.

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