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Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

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Just now, Indigo Rush said:

Is.... is this the first instance of an autoscroll section in a Sonic game?

Breaking new ground. Bravo.

Sonic 1 8-bit had it. Bridge Zone act 2. 

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Just now, Gabz Girl said:

No way...that can’t be the end of Infinite. He’ll be the big bad Eldritch monster at the end. R-RIGHT?

oh God and they just had to bring back the super power of teamwork! CALLED IT.

Lets see, Eggman using powers beyond his control

Long time no see

Friendship and teamwork speech

I think infinite being a becoming a dumb giant monster is a safe bet.

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Just now, Razule said:

Anyone gonna talk about how Infinite was pulled into some kind of projector thing?

Is.. has Infinite just been a illusion this whole time?!

That's what I was saying he isn't gone he left a trail of light and it looked like he was forced into moving because he still wanted to continue.

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