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Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

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I literally wanted to sign in my 6-year old account so that I could say something about this game.


I was really excited when I heard that they were making a new modern Sonic game for 2017, but then my interest started to die out after I saw the trailer with classic sonic, and how the game will go back to the boost formula. I thought they could try something new or expand on what Lost World had to offer, but obviously not. Now judging from the leaks and the gameplay, I think the game is probably mediocre or average at best. It's certainly not the worst we've seen, but for me it's quite disappointing, but for those who really like this game, more power to them.

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I hope someone could PM the stream, if they don't mind, because I can't find it on twitch, I tried looking on reddit and even 4chan but I had no luck.


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