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Sonic Forces comes with a survey


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I posted this on my Twitter, but the game comes with a survey with really interesting questions. Mania also came with the survey so if you have either games then it will be a good idea to do them. 

Your opinion is going to matter a bit more since it's going straight to the company.

Not sure if the Switch version comes with it, I still haven't had the time to check out my Mania Switch copy to see but I believe it should have it as well.

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10 minutes ago, molul said:

I didn't know Mania came with a survey. Is it still (or was it ever) available in the PC version? 

So I just checked my Mania PS4 copy and I can't find it anymore but I'm assuming the PC version had it at one point.

10 minutes ago, Mayor D said:

Mania came with a survey?

Yep, on the PS4 you could find it along with the manual and their social media links.

I don't blame you for missing it though. I feel it's something the main Sonic social media accounts should've brought attention to. 

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This survey is a good idea in principle...but its not in practice. Its primary audience is people who were going to buy it anyway regardless of quality and that isn't helpful for solving the series current problems. These are the same people who find excuses to love Sonic '06 and ask for a sequel, while the rest of the gaming community says "thanks but no thanks".

If SEGA takes fan feedback from this game and thinks "Oh they must love it" because a minority of consumers are vocal about their love for the "serious" story and Sonic's friends, that won't help them. At all.

Well, it would if they'd just accept their fate and proceed with Sonic as a smaller, niche franchise instead of a flagship. Because that's what it is right now anyway.


Ugh...the disappointment....It hurts.


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