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Paper Mario, the Thousand Year Dub

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Have you ever played Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door and wondered what the characters would be like if they had voices? Have you ever wanted to try to do a fandub yourself to bring those characters to life, only you couldn't because of obligations or any number of other reasons?


YouTuber D-Up 242 on YouTube is currently helming Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Dub!

 A fandub currently 2 years along currently up to the beginning of Chapter 4 with a wide cast of voice actors taking part, including yours truly (as Enigma2Me, for those interested in my channel name).


The director D-Up 242 will also be looking for voice actors for later chapters via his account on Behind the Voice Actors, a fansite dedicated to archiving the voice actors and voicework for numerous animated works, whether it be CGI, Flash, Traditional and so forth, along with Casting Calls for fandubs, fan creations and more! I will be making a point to post every new major update regarding this fandub of a beloved Paper Mario game whenever it shows, so come along and enjoy the ride!

The first Episode here:

And the latest posting is this teaser:


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