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Sonic Forces Avatar Sharing/Discussion Thread

Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

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I know I already posted in this topic, but I figured I'd give a better look at the rest of my OCs since my previous pic mostly focused on one (with the others being on the side of the first pic of that OC lol).

Skye the Blue Jay (updated to have white, to make it more obvious she's a blue jay):


Yen the Keaton:


Enigma the Bandit:


Luna the Lopine:


Zandu the Bear:


Scarlet the Cat:


Mirage the Hedgehog:


There are a few OCs I may post in the future but for now I've hit the attachment limit and I feel that's a good thing. lol

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19 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

SEGA seem to have understood that fans are more interested in shoving as many oversized accessories on to generic templates than they are in actual character design. Fair play to them for getting that right.

Well, considering the purpose of the character customiser (immediately child-accessible, needs to fit the rig used for all animations in both gameplay and cutscenes to avoid even just the worst bits of clipping, needs to fit all accessories and skin textures without significant blurring if any at all, features as gameplay reward) and how long it would take to implement a 'proper' designer to any satisfying effect…

Like, I'm not sure what an 'actual character designer' function would look like, or what its parametres would be. But I have a feeling its output, for all the good faith implied, wouldn't look nearly as good in practice as what you're thinking it would.

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What I'm saying is that the avatar creator in Forces is meagre. You have a number of heads (species) and eyes to choose from and pick a colour for them, but that's all. Beyond that, you're literally just playing dress up. You can't even change the colour of accessories - you're stuck with presets.

I really think that the implementation of the avatar is crap. If they wanted to include a character creator, the time, money and effort should have gone into making it and the avatar character a much more enriching experience. I've said before that I greatly dislike the idea of the avatar even existing, and it's only worsened by the fact that it's so... Deviant Art Furry Doll Maker.

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The game's target audience is children. Keeping it simple is by design. That's why missions and S ranks are so easy to complete compared to past titles. Layering options on top of options would run counter to that. That's why the main body type's proportions are in line with the most recognizable Sonic characters too.

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I love the avatars. For a first attempt at putting them into a game Sega did good. I would like if they improved on the options in the future. Height, weight, chest, hair. But all in time i guess


also does anyone have a picture of the bumper body i have the bumper head shoes and hands but seems like im missing the body? Does anyone know how to get it or where its at.

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Here's my remaining avatars that I've committed to keeping (leaving one avatar slot remaining for custom creations):


Mecha Sonic Prototype no. 56, aka "56er", a test unit for Eggman's Mecha Sonic units (you know, a proof of concept type thing he discarded before the final unit), recovered and reprogrammed to fight for the Resistance.


Schnee the Penguin and Stelle the Dalmatian, partners and members of the Resistance's emergency response team. Went for a sort of "fire and ice" theme with these two.


Quest the Thylacine, a treasure hunter who's competed with Knuckles and Rouge in the past.


Graffiti the Calico and Rush the Hare, two teenagers whose town was destroyed by the Eggman Empire. Graffiti is an artistic type, while Rush is always looking for a good fight.

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Since I finished getting Rank 30 with everyone, here's all of my guys:


Dog was my first one who I played the story with, so her shtick is just the canon events of the game for me.

Wolf is really into photographing flowers and is mad about all the environmental damage.

Rabbit is an icy prom queen or something.

Bear is a gummy bear that had a reaction with the chaos emeralds and turned him giant, sentient and into some kind of earl?

Cat's backstory is... she's a cutie.

Bird is still in his jammies and wants to go back to bed.

Hedgehog's favourite hobby is punching nerds and to defeat Eggman would be to punch the biggest nerd of them all.


For some reason I dun wanna give any of them names, lol.

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20171115 002906 by LordRobrainiac

This character is one I made for a comic. Actually some of these are based off characters I already made and out of all of them, this one came very close to resembling my character.

20171115 003306 by LordRobrainiac

A cat character who's also supposed a thief and con woman. Another one that's based off someone I made for another comic, but is nowhere near close to the original design. I like the matching colors, though.

20171115 014700 by LordRobrainiac

Again, Kind of based on a character I made... The said character was supposed to be a reptilian who knew martial arts, but seeing as how there's no options for Lizards, I just went with a bird instead. I was trying to get the blue scales bodysuit, but I've kind of grown attatched to this design.

20171115 002712 by LordRobrainiac

Now for something completely different, here's my obligitory not-so-serious character. Though I feel like I could have gone edgier with this one.

Also, a Monocle because, eh, why not? 

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I made even more OCs/Outfits since the last time I posted, but instead of putting a bunch more images in one post, I've compiled ALL my Sonic Forces OC pictures in this album.

Just for fun I'll pick one of them to just put as an image in this thread-
I recreated an old-as-hell OC of mine, Frost the Cat:
She was basically originally intended as a counterpart to Tikal- wore the same outfit, but was from a Cat tribe that were enemies with the Echidnas. It was a "Sonic Adventure 3" comic idea I had, where the Echidna Tribe was at war with the Cat Tribe, basically telling the backstory to SA1's past sections. This version of her is far more modern day, let's just say.

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Those are really cool OCs, though my favorite is Spring Chan from the first post. We should totally try to make her a thing like SF's answer to SM's Eggette.

Well, make "him" a thing. I've played long enough to know that only male Avatars can use that victory pose. Spring Chan's a crossdresser.

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