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Why Didn’t The Avatar Gear Have Custom Color Pallets?


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In Sonic Forces, I think it’s too bad the custom gear did not have custom color pallets, like the skin, fur, or eye color selections did. Being stuck with only three variations for each gear piece was a bit of a let down, especially if there was an object you liked, but couldn’t stand the only selectable color options. It doesn’t help that some of the variants are too tricky for some to unlock. Maybe there was a certain pair of shoes you liked, yet hated how  all the variants were mostly white, and didn’t give you the option to change parts of it to a color you prefer?

Does anyone else wish the gear had more custom options like the color sliders for skin, fur, and eye color?


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1 minute ago, MetalSkulkBane said:

But if they allowed us to custom this as well they would have 3 times less clothing to unlock and then why would we grind like stupid?

I have other tiny nitpicks about avatar, but fixing most of them would require work. Color select seems so easy to implement.

That’s the developer’s faults for not being creative enough. I’ve already seen criticsm about how too many of the unlockables are just recolored gear. Some of them just don’t feel like they’re worth the hassle of unlocking. What fun is there in trying to unlock costumes in time challenges, when the game’s controls are prone to making you boost off a cliff, or miss a homing attack? I also wish the gear was unlockable through ingame currency, like rings, instead of locked behind missions.

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