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My Hero Academia: One's Justice (PS4, Switch)

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New Shonen Jump scan revealing information about game modes!


  • Story Mode – Experience the story through battles, starting from Izuku Midoriya and Gran Torino’s first meeting. There will also be story developments unique to the game.
  • Villain Mode – After you clear the Story Mode of the hero side, a new mode will unlock where you can enjoy the story from the villains’ perspective.
  • Character Customization – Use the items you obtain in Story Mode and in Online Battles to remodel characters and your player card.
  • Online Battles – Show your customized characters off in Online Battles.

Source: Gematsu

I know we have the whole anime for a proper adaption of this amazing story, but I wouldn't mind if the future Hero games had a serious budget put into telling the story like the Naruto Storm games with detailed animation and stuff. Just judging from this scan, it seems like it'll be still pictured telling the story and that's it. Granted, you play a fighter for the gameplay, but a story with nice presentation isn't bad at all. Really do like that there's going to be a Villain story mode, though!

On 6/1/2018 at 11:13 AM, Strong Guy said:

Honestly my biggest complaint about this game is that it’s just too early... So many great characters that won’t make the cut just because the anime isn’t that far along yet. Mirio, Fatgum, Overhaul, Gentle, ugh. 

Plus Izuku has gotten so much better at using his quirk, so them basing this game on at the latest season 3 really limits what he can do and is more disappointing than it needs to be since he’s my favorite. Sighs.


Yeah, this is probably my biggest complaint as well, and this extends to the Jump Force game (though, it couldn't be helped for that since it's a 50th anniversary Jump project), but I wish the story of Hero Academia was


at least in season 4 before a big console fighter came out. There's so many great characters that shows up, so many characters go through great development and have new moves/equipment, etc. I'm hoping that a sequel to One's Justice occurs in some years and has a bigger and more crazier cast with a nice amount of characters really getting their upgrades shown like Kirishima.

Nonetheless, can't lie but I am really excited that a console Hero game exist. So the complaint isn't too big for me at the end of the day.

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I dig the story being told with stills for this game in special, because it feels like a comic book (or a manga). What better way to tell a super hero story? A nice example that comes to mind is how Gravity Rush 2 did it. Every chapter is told like a comic book page. They've made the panels sensible to motion control and with a bit of 3D depth. Looks pretty neat, actually.

Granted an Ultimate Ninja Storm-esque approach would be epic. But maybe soon. I just hope this game is fun and plays swell.


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Seems like some commercials probably will be dropping on Namco's JP YouTube channel. 


Still waiting on a proper full length trailer showing off all modes, characters, etc.

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That ending...












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17 minutes ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:

Hype for this shot from 0 to 10 after getting into the series, was wondering though since I’m still going through Season 1, is it a original story and if so - does it spoil anything?

The game’s story will start off with Season 2, as well as Season 3 content, while also having some original story elements.

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Some recent trailers/character gameplay videos!

Muscular gameplay video


Gran Torino gameplay video

Story trailer





Honestly, Gran Torino looks incredibly fun to use! Muscular looks meh... But I'm still glad he's in the game.

Endeavor confirmed as Day 1 DLC for preordering. 


And GameStop exclusive preorder, but if you get the game from them then you get this amazing poster!

(Poster would be better if it didn't have the meh English logo smack dab in the middle. </3)

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My Japanese import copy of the game arrived yesterday, so I was able to put in some solid hours into the game at and after work (literally stayed up until 4 in the morning playing this game)

Random as heck thoughts below. Tried to give each mode a decent amount of time but mainly put more time into the actual fighting modes (story, mission, VS, online) more than the fanservice modes (customization, etc) I purchased the Nintendo Switch version, so exclusive thoughts on performance added.

- Story mode is pretty decent. I can't imagine many people putting too much time into this, especially if you read the superior manga or anime adaptation because the game doesn't do that great of a job of presenting the amazing story. It gets the job done with some nice anime screenshots and also it's fully voiced in Japanese, which is a bit neat. You do need to complete the story mode to unlock All For One, which I'm still doing. I finished the Stain arc so far. 

- Mission mode is also pretty decent. The gist of things is that there's some maps you play through that contain a set amount of missions within them, and the more you advance through a map, the higher the difficulty it becomes. I've completed 2 maps thus far, and so far everything has equated into just winning the match with the only real differences being that your opponents may deal more damage, have more health, may have 2 supports and you have none, etc. Really basic stuff. You choose 3 characters to take into mission mode and you can switch between them before starting a fight. If you lose, then everyone regains full health and you just continue where you left off. 

- The core gameplay is incredibly fun. It's an 3D open brawler but it feels incredibly smooth and satisfying to land hits. There are combos that you can pull off, and there's a training mode for you to go ahead and learn some combos and figure out which supports characters are best to use. Game never felt slow in motion, especially since there's a dash mechanic added and matches can go by really quick if you know what you're doing and you're good at punishing/reading your opponents. The game is honestly pretty big on punishing. You can try and rush down your opponent if you like, but more than likely they'll block and punish you for doing so. For a 3D anime fighter, it honestly does have some depth in the mechanics... You can guard, use super armor attacks (where you can attack the enemy while they hit you, but it won't stop your attack), dash cancel to string into combos, level 1 and 2 specials, use two support characters, and even guard break an opponent and leave them dizzy. (Shoot Style Deku is great doing this) 

There's only 20 characters right off the bat (3 DLC characters will all together be added, with the first being Shoot Style Deku who is already out) and you can use all of them the moment you boot up the game. Everyone is incredibly unique in their own ways ranging from OG Deku have close and long ranged attacks, Kaminari being tricky with setting lightning attacks and getting stronger the more lightning he uses, Kirishima being a straight tank in armor mode, or Shigaraki have an instant kill mode he can use anytime in the match. I've honestly used only a few characters so far (OG Deku, Shoot Style Deku, Bakugo, Gran Torino, Iida, and Shoto), but so far my absolute favorite is Shoot Style Deku. He deals out much less damage than the original Deku and doesn't have any long ranged attacks either, so technically speaking, original Deku IS the better version, but I feel Shoot Style allows you to string some nice combos together and fill your gauge up quite a bit. It feels satisfying landing hits with him for me, and I like how visually pleasing his attacks are.

- Online was honestly pretty smooth. I never noticed any lag within any of my matches. The lag is always at the very start with the intros of the characters, but it feels like the intros just suck all the lag up and the game plays perfectly fine. You can play ranked, casual, have private rooms for you and friends. I mainly played casual mode the entire time, but maybe I'll hop on rank soon. I did fight one Japanese(?) Toga player that after I managed to beat them since they were trying to spam attacks, they rage quit on me, and really, there's no penalties at all for doing so which is a shame. Other than that one player, I've played a ton of players from Japan and some who were clearly from the West (possibly America) and everything went well. Great people online so far. 

- There's...a lot of customization in the game. TONS of items you can use to customize your characters and your player card. I've looked around a bit and I'm impressed how much fanservice is packed in here, along with so...many...unlockables... Unlock the game music, unlock accessories, unlock images such as anime promotional art or concept art, etc. It's a lot. 

- Since this is the Nintendo Switch version, it does play at 30fps, 720p. That's docked and in handheld mode. For the most part, it plays well. It does get a bit laggy on the character selection screen where there's a slight delay which flipping through the characters, but that's very minor. Really... I was honestly a bit nervous thinking this would be like a very bad port or whatever that wouldn't run well compared to the PS4 version, but it runs incredibly fine and I'm pretty happy I got it. Even in handheld mode, fights play just fine and the hype is still there. I haven't experienced really any big problems with the Switch version so far!


As the first Hero Academia console fighter, I think it's good. It definitely can be better with like a better story mode and maybe some additional modes added to the game like a tournament more or something, but the gameplay is great fun. Honestly, if you're getting this game, then you're definitely getting it to play online with others. Playing against the CPU is fine, but I feel after awhile it may get boring and you may want more of a challenge from actual people. I mean, I have enjoyed the single player content here, but that's possibly just me. I know a lackluster story mode, comic book story presentation, mission mode, or a bunch of silly customizables probably won't be too much to hold the attention to a casual person buying the game. Maybe if you're a die hard Hero Academia fan like me, then maybe... 


Worth importing? Nah. Unless you're a super die hard like me that couldn't wait and even imports the manga in Japanese and stuff, then not really. The U.S. version literally is right around the corner on October 26th. There's plenty of great games to hold you off until then. Worth the $60 U.S. price tag? Eh... Maybe like a solid $30/$40. It's a good game, yeah, you should get it, but I find it hard to sell anyone that aren't obsessed fans to really drop $60 on the game.

Excuse me as I keep playing as Shoot Style Deku... 


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