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Sonic Stadium Music album pages down

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It seems sometime in the last year or so the pages for the music albums the site has put out (including The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011, The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure 2012, Out of the Ashes - Sound of the Sonic Stadium '14 and Tropical Paradise - Sound of the Sonic Stadium '15) went down, and with them the music. Are they going to be put back up at any point, or will there be some way to download them again?

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Sorry for the necro, but the pages are still down. :(

It would be cool if at least a mirror of the albums was kept online somewhere, because there isn't any mirrors (in .mp3 form) of the album online except two YouTube playlists of the 2011 and 2012 album, which does have all the songs but you can't download all of them easily (of course, you can download every song, but it won't be categorized or be in the highest quality possible).

While you can still access the project page with Wayback Machine, there are only a few songs available to download and you can't download the entire album at once (via ZIP files).

It seems at one point in time there was a torrent of the 2012 album on a thread at OCRemix, but the torrent link is also broken there...

I loved the album when I was younger and I wanted to hear the album again so that's why I'm searching for it... maybe someday it will come back...

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Oh jeez, I had no idea that the album pages weren't working anymore.

I have some great memories interacting with everyone and listening to works in progress, as well as getting feedback on my own, during the 2011 and 2012 albums. It may not all have been amazing OC ReMix-level stuff (including my stuff especially as I was just an amateur messing around in FL Studio and I didn't completely know what I was doing :P), but, we all seemed to have a lot of fun putting it all together, and there was a lot of passion behind the projects. Good times.

I still have the albums in my music library, but, for me, it would be nice to have the pages up again and be able to browse through them for old times' sake.

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