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Was playing through Sonic Advance 1 again...


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It was mostly to do no damage boss runs again (dunno if I want to put them on Youtube again). But I realized something about the levels. Some really aren't that fun. I criticized the hell out for Advance 2 for cheap spike and enemy placement, and thought only in the later levels does Advance 1 suffer from that, but no.....all that happens throughout the whole game, as early as Neo Green Hill. There are some really unfair scenarios this game puts you in, like extremely low ceilings with the spikes, or bumpers blindly bouncing you right into enemies. Just traps placed randomly to annoy you and get in cheap shots rather than strategically teaching me how to avoid them.

I mean, I still think it's the best of the Advance trilogy since it kept things more grounded and the basics down in terms of physics and playable characters, but it's not nearly as great as I remember for a game I once considered to be worthy of the title Sonic 4. There are no huge control issues or jankyness though, and while I know even the classics have some pretty bad flaws, Advance 1 had lots more INTENTIONAL design flaws that continued to get worse each installment.


Side note, I will say playing with a GameCube control pad is goddamned horrendous. Years of preferring the former, I now discovered that 2D games feel much better with the GC analog stick, especially when playing as someone like Amy. I never liked Nintendo's control pads except for the GBA SP and the original fat DS.

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I think Advance 1 was a nice take on Modern Sonic in a classic setting. Even the mechanics went into depths I didn’t think they would attempt at doing like Sonic’s Air dash(which has some nice nuances) or Amy’s complex moveset.

I think the game does lack certain elements, mainly because it somewhat assumes you’ve already played these games. Other than that, the advance series are one of the best sonic games in my own perspective.

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