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I reviewed Sonic Pocket Adventure :)

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Hi there, thanks for reading :) if you've got nowt better to do today, I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my video review of Sonic Pocket Adventure on YouTube. I decided to kickstart my channel with an ambitious in depth look at the game I fell in love with last year.

I must warn you though, it's probably longer than most videos you'll be asked to watch today, and is obviously a much more amateur attempt, but if you can get through it and give me any kind of feedback, I'll be a very happy and proud guy and stay motivated to create new content. 

Edit: I have solved an audio issue and smoothed out the fps, so have reuploaded the video 


And thank you :)

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A new link to an updated video

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I watched the first minute and a half.

Before I commit to watching more or giving half-ass feedback, I have to ask...why weren't the audio/editing issues sorted out before you released the video? (You seem to be pretty well aware of it) I'm not trying to patronize ya or tell you how to run your channel, just genuinely curious + plus I might be able to give advice in that regard as well. (Personally anyways I tend to find real life advice a lot more useable in the long run)

If I commit to watching the rest I'll let you know what I think, best of luck!

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Hi, thanks for replying, and I'm aware of an echo problem at around the 2 minute mark, and that is due to my laptop struggling to put the whole thing together, the video would always end up glitchy. But what audio issues are you experiencing? I want to sort out this so a viewer isn't put off. What sounds and looks fine on my laptop, I'm probably not aware of how it is on other devices.

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and hello again. I'm going to put the video back together using another, less RAM eating programme, which, when ready will sort out the audio issues

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