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OK, i'm not saying Sega WILL do this- but i think for their 30th anniversary, they should release a new sonic game, along with a few remakes of past games. like the ones that were once hard to play back then and make them more playable for today's consoles and give the old-school players a Resurrection of the past! like sonic 3D blast! this was a good game, but you know, most people these days wanna play the old school sonic games! i know its really too early to talk about sonic's 30th anniversary but i just wanna brain storm and get this all out there while Sega thinks what they can do for sonic's 30th anniversary! me personally, I wanna see a remake of sonic blast! (not 3D blast, just blast) along with others like sonic Spinball, etc. if not, that's fine because i know making remakes of past games is kinda cheap and cliche, but it would be really interesting if they made a remake of a past game from the sonic franchise. i'd like to see it...i hope i dont get much hate comments because i don't usually tell about my ideas because of THAT reason but ya know, curious. ^^

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4 minutes ago, Tarnish said:

At this rate, every 2nd Sonic game is gonna be an anniversary game.

Mmm, i guess your right tho- .-. i mean, Sega only pulled it once- who knows? they might have enough skill to make two NEW sonic games? but i'm not gonna argue if you actually have a good point.

10 minutes ago, A crocodile said:

Anniversaries are stupid and I don't want anything dedicated to the next one. Just focus on making a game that isn't embarrassing. 

ik, but it determines on how long the franchise hasn't died yet- and what do you mean by "a game that ins't embarrassing."? you mean by how bad sonic forces turned out? or how they were too lazy that they decided to remake sonic 1 2 & 3?

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