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Sega is teasing a new Sonic something reveal for SXSW 2018

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One of the members on Retro detailed some of the questions asked to the panel at the Q&A, and the answers.


Having watched the stream in real time, some answers from the Q&A (NOT IN THE ORDER THEY WERE ASKED):


Re Sonic 3&K mobile port: Aaron goes "Uuhh, we've kind of stolen Taxman and Stealth for a little while longer, but we'll pass that on to the mobile team."

Re Dunkey mode: Everyone is bewildered by the question. Iizuka in English: "Dunkey mode..?" Aaron says "not sure about that, sorry."

Re Sonic 3nK Collection for PC changing the music (Michael Jackson was mentioned in the question by name): Everyone on the panel goes DEAD SILENT for like 20 seconds. Glances exchanged. Iizuka starts speaking in Japanese; this is translated as "I wasn't part of that specific project but there were various demands from across the company that needed to be met to allow the port to ship." Aaron goes "That is a GOOD QUESTION, by the way."

Re "I am a YouTube lore master who makes theory videos... Is Classic Sonic in Generations the same one that later shows up in Mania and Forces?": Iizuka: "Yes!" Aaron: "Nice simple answer! Closes up theories, opens up hundreds of new ones!"

Re "Tyson! If you had to boil down Sonic to one 2D animated appearance, what one would it be?": Tyson: "You know? I couldn't. I've watched basically everything - the 90's cartoons, CD, OVA, the anime... I don't think I could. Sorry! I hope I didn't ramble."

Re "I love Sticks... Do you think she'll appear in the games one day, or is she relegated to the spinoff dimension?": Aaron: "OH NO, THE DREADED SPINOFF DIMENSION!" Iizuka answers in Japanese, translated as something along the lines of "It's not planned but definitely possible."

Re "I love Silver, do you think he'll ever get his own game?": Iizuka says something which translates to "Silver is a character who is much beloved both in America and Europe, but also in Japan. We like him a lot but can't promise anything specific."

Re "Sonic was my childhood, I got the DS Classic Collection when I was 6, will you ever bring back Hyper Sonic?": Aaron: "Iizuka's answered this before so in the interest of time I'll repeat his previous answer - we don't want to be like a certain anime series and constantly be giving Sonic new powers and forms-" kid interrupts, laughing: "I see what you did there!!" Aaron asks how old the kid is now, he's 11. "That is a great question, and from an 11 year old - those games came out before you were born!" Everyone's having a great time, enthusiastic smiles on their faces.

Re "WHERE ARE YOU KEEPING BIG THE CAT??" - Iizuka grins, says "2058 new Big the Cat game" in English, an extension of a joke made earlier in the panel of "Sonic Schoolhouse 2 coming 2050". (An aside - that showed up on the slides with a logo made by Rafa Knight!)

Re "Do you think there'll be a franchise split of Mania games made by Whitehead's team, Adventure games made by some other team, Boost games made by Sonic Team?" - The question asker stutters a lot, and as a result nobody on the panel realises he's talking about a THREE way split of the franchise, rather than the two-way split that this panel has already confirmed. Iizuka says some stuff I can't remember about collaboration and Sonic Mania and that the modern game series isn't ending, and Aaron says "Sounds like it's already happening." Perhaps the only disappointing answer to an interesting question during the entire QnA.

One of the QnA slots is taken up by a pair of Sonic fan artists advertising a meetup in Dallas. Aaron: "We obviously can't officially endorse anything like that, but of course on the side we're going 'Go! Go! Have fun!'" The artists have fliers they'd like to give the panelists. "Not now but yes please, after this we'll have a meet and greet, we'll stick around to see everyone."

Re Taxman mobile remasters on Switch: Aaron: "What does the crowd think?" They scream excitedly. "We'll pass that on!"

Re "I know, not Sonic related, but... I miss Billy Hatcher!": Iizuka smiles a genuine smile, says some stuff that's translated as "It's been a long time since I've heard anything like that. There will be quite a few people from Sonic Team who will be very happy when I tell them he was asked about." This question/answer combo almost makes me feel kind of sad.

Re the possibility of a Crush 40 concert at SXSW, given it's known as 'music week': Aaron: "I can't speak for SXSW, but that sounds fun! What does the crowd think?" Some big screams. "Awesome! Can't promise anything, of course, but..."

Re Jon Burton (the GameHut Traveller's Tales guy) finding a 3D Blast demo track with unused music by Jun Senoue, and wanting to release it: Aaron: "Can't give permission, but he can reach out and we'll run it up the flag pole."

I'll update this post if I remember any more details! 

You can watched the entire Q&A on twitch:

Aaron answered the question about Sonic 3 mobile (48:00 in the video) masterfully.

The rather cheeky question about the S&K collection (59:30) was actually handled quite well by Iizuka-san.


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Oh wait a second.


I was listening to gameexplain and they said the panel confirmed that Classic Sonic from Forces and Gens were one in the same.


Anyone got a time stamp or a transcript for that?

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16 hours ago, molul said:

Video doesn't seem to play :( what did they say?

You can view the Tails Channel coverage on youtube:

Mania Plus announcement starts around 1hr 30

The QA starts around 1hr 55


14 hours ago, Sega DogTagz said:

Oh wait a second.

I was listening to gameexplain and they said the panel confirmed that Classic Sonic from Forces and Gens were one in the same.

Anyone got a time stamp or a transcript for that?

Iizuka's response is "Yes, correct".

2hr 4 mins 30 seconds in the youtube vidoeo.

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