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Favorite Tails Ship


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Monkey Destruction Switch
3 minutes ago, NicoBoi said:

Tails X Sticks!!!!!!!! U CRAZY!!!!! BOI Y!!!!!!

We don't allow unsubstantial, spammy and pointless posts like this. Please cut it out. If you keep up this habit, you won't last on these forums long tbh.

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  • 2 years later...

  My favorite ship is Tails X Amy... Yep. But why dude? It's simple guys.

  I think Tails X Amy is a good ship, because let's think, did you see Sonic giving attention to Amy? Nope, but now you imagine Tails, every time that Amy go talk with Tails, he aways gives attetion to her. He (Tails) doesn't get out running / escaping of Amy like Sonic, no... He decides to talk with her and to listen her.

  We know that Tails already saved Amy sometimes from Eggman (Or Robotnik), more times than Sonic in my opinion... Even in the comics they make a great pair, Tails and Amy are aways helping and thinking about each other when they are together and that's cute for me.

  So yes, I think that Tails X Amy is a good ship.


PS: Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I'm not from some native English speaking country.

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... Really?

Sheesh, how many of them are in-universe? Cause if we're getting into  characters like Amy and Cream, then that is gonna bloat.

Uh, I guess Fiona? Im not really the shipping type, conventionally speaking, so I'm just going with the more interesting relationship off the top of my head.

On 2/9/2018 at 8:24 PM, DabigRG said:

Eh,  not really a Sonic character shipper and even less a Tails one. So all I can do is give a brief comment:

Tails and Fiona not going to happen was kinda the point. It was something he had to overcome about himself and I can appreciate that. 

Tails and Cream seems like a Pair the Squares situation, tbh. I guess I wouldn't mind it, if it was ever gonna be something to begin with.

Been a good while since I got to that part of Sonic X, but I guess him and Cosmo is the most valid one.

Tails and Sticks actually sounds kinda fun in that MC SkatKat kinda way. I'd be down for that.

Ditto with Marine, simple and clean.

Zooey was kinda nothing in her one appearance, but to be fair, Boom!Tails is comparatively the most boring of the main cast. The fact that she seems to be older than even Fiona despite her soft voice is another little oddity.

Also, Barby,  Mina, and Moon exist. Oh and, uh, Perci too.

I completely forgot about this thread and yet, most of these thoughts ran through my head.

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Your Vest Friend

Well, not much has really happened since 2018, so things like this are bound to stay the same.

I looked at my contribution and feel no different nearly three years later.

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