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Does anybody else enjoy the new mobile Sonic game?


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I honestly play Sonic Forces: Speed Battle and play it on a near daily basis. Sure, it's simple, and sure, there's paywalls, but you don't HAVE to pay to win and you  don't HAVE to watch ads. I like the game play style, while fairly common for mobile games, I like the characters and their abilities, and I like the presentation. Sonic Forces: Speed Battle is one of the only mobile games I play regularly and enjoy.

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On 2/28/2018 at 7:09 AM, A person, that exists said:


Mobile gaming in general is not my thing.

It's so soulless... And weird...


While I do agree with that, some mobile games can actually be semi-entertaining. Case in point, Dangerous Dungeons and Super Dangerous Dungeons. They're simple, short (yet sweet) platformers with secrets to find and puzzles to solve. 


On 2/27/2018 at 6:16 PM, blueblur98 said:

haven't played it yet, but it seems like fun.

also, welcome to SSMB, sodakeeper! enjoy your stay!


You should totally check it out! Also, thanks for the warm welcome!

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I started playing it a week ago, and honestly I like it very much. It's not the endless runner gameplay what I like of it, but the competitive multiplayer and the strategy in using the items. I think it's much more fair than games such as Mario Kart, and if you are good you have a chance to win even with a low level character against higher levels.

The problems with the game are the loot boxes, the wait times, and the advertising, the advertising especially because there is one that makes the game crash occasionally (on my phone); and anyway they are annoying to watch, and they're forced after each race, so you have to watch them.

Other than that, aside of some occasional lag, the game plays very well and it's solid, the level design is mostly fun (there are a couple of cheap obstacles in some harder courses but you must play them several times so you will eventually learn them); it has alternate routes, and they are nice.

The cast of characters is awesome and now that they finally added Cream, it feels complete; only Zavok feels a bit out of place, I think the Deadly 6 in general are very out of place in the Sonic franchise, I don't know why they are insisting with them. They could add Big the Cat if they want, I know that nobody likes him, but I wouldn't mind... I give Classic Sonic a pass because this is based on Sonic Forces and he appears in the game as a separate character, otherwise, I dislike having 2 Sonics in the same game, it's a waste.

I hope they will keep it consistent and won't start adding boom characters or promotional characters such as the android robot or Pacman, because they really would ruin the presentation and identity of the game, that's good so far (so much that it almost feels canon).

I'm happy that they are going to add Mystic Jungle soon, I would like if they put in some different music, the main theme is cool but it gets annoying after you listen to it 100 times in a row.

I'm currently at level 7, with about 1.200 trophies, I grinded quite a while because I wanted to unlock most of the characters. My most used characters are Charmy (lv7) and Cream (lv3), I occasionally use the Sonics, Knuckles and random characters as well; Charmy is cool, fun to use and his attacks are very powerful because they take rings from the opponents. Cream is harder to play as, but she's very fun because of the boost move that lets you run very fast if you switch lane (though it's dangerous because if you hit an obstacle the boost will be canceled). Rouge is very annoying to play against, with the trap monitors thing. I only miss Metal Sonic, Zavok and Shadow, I was lucky enough to unlock Chaos early.

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