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Sonic IDW Fan Arts (Let the Whisper fanart wave BEGIN)


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Hey guys!

There will be a lot of fan arts for Sonic IDW in the future that refers to its characters, events, and locations.

Issue 1 is not released yet, but we have tons of fan arts to share.

Here are some of my favorites:


by JamoART


By JamoART


By Lau-Chan


Share here your favorite fanarts!

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Just posting a reminder that if we're going to let this topic stand, basically being a showcase of other people's art, proper accreditation is a must. General rule of thumb, if you don't know who made a piece, or can't verify who made it... don't repost it (though if you want help sourcing an image, you can ask). This is not any kind of hard rule or basis for disciplinary action. Mostly this is a courtesy to the artists and to show respect for SSMB's own art community. We are generally more lenient about this sort of thing in status updates (I will get on people if they throw out something like "credits to the artist!" because, frankly, that's annoying as shit), but for the sake of a topic like this, sources are definitely appreciated (OP is fine, by the way).

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I'm not entirely sure there's quite enough out there so far to get much in the way of variable fanart.

On 2/28/2018 at 8:40 AM, A person, that exists said:

Because aside from Scratch and Grounder's fursonas

Pretty sure those two are gonna be very different characters from Eggman's Henchbot Duo.

Also, please don't give people any ammo to [officially]start something.

5 hours ago, Marco9966 said:


By Sea-salt


By jaredsteeletype


These are some of the better drawn versions of Rough I've seen so far.

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41 minutes ago, StaticMania said:

What do you think I mean? Sorry, but my wording gets so vague that I can't be sure about someone saying this.

That IDW(or SEGA themselves, for that matter) can't just introduce new characters without fans/"fans" being dismissive and judgmental on the offset. Your wording was fine and succinct.

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