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Does anyone remember the Sonic Adventure 'Whatever You Want" Kid/Episode

Badnik Mechanic

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Getting for over 18 years ago now, there used to be a TV show in the UK called 'Whatever you Want' it was hosted by Gabby Roslin and the idea was that two people would compete for the chance to win the prize of their dreams.

It was really simple stuff like 'meet a band' or 'go horse riding' or 'go swimming with sharks' stuff like that.

Well... one episode, a kid was on it and he basically wanted to work for a computer company. His prize? He ended up as Gabby put it "You'll get to work at Sega and you can decide what goes into the next Sonic game!" they then played lots of footage from Sonic Adventure. 

This is the intro to the show, but can't find any full episodes or even photos of the Sega/Sonic section anywhere.

I was... curious if anyone else remembers this, or if anyone knows if video of it exists.

Or... and here is the big one... who is the kid? 

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I don't but I did look up some dates. IMDB lists the series as starting in 2000, but there's at least one reference to an episode airing April 1998. Even taking the earlier date (which is probably more accurate to be honest), it'd still be pretty much too late to put anything in Adventure, since you probably couldn't organise going out to Japan (since it came before Sonic Team's move to America), getting into the SEGA office, giving input however small and having it programmed into the game before it started shipping for the December 1998 release date for Japan, especially not 20 years ago. 

It's possible he could have gotten a little something in the international version, but as far as I know there's not really any content in that version that isn't in the original that's an anomaly. 

Even SA2 would be a push because that was being conceptualised in 1999. 

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From what I remember, I wanna say that it was the year that the Dreamcast was due out in the UK.

And i think the reason for that is because, I remember being really annoyed at Sonic's dialogue during the Tails race missions and thinking 'why didn't that kid stop this?'

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Wait, wasn't that the kid who was always talking about how his favourite eye colour was green? Yeah, He probably had no impact on the game.

Alright, that's my dumb joke outta the way. If he ultimately did get to have any input, perhaps it was something to do with the localization of Sonic Adventure's western release? Like...choose a line of English text from a handful of translated variations for one of the NPC conversations or something? I'm not sure it would be anything less tokenistic than that. Interesting, regardless!

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